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骑上你英勇的骏马,在海景基于 NFT 的游戏 Scape Forum中找到通往罗马之路!执政官在向你招手,帮助他找到新方法并带领罗马走向胜利! 组合 Scapes 以合成更高品质的新 Scapes,质押 CWS 获得加成也能够帮助用户获得更低世代的 Scapes。


此外,燃烧特定组合,用户还可以获得罗马系列 Scapes 角色!

  • What is a critical hit and how can I achieve one?
    Every fifth minting in NFT Brawl is a Critical Hit. When these NFTs are minted, the rate at which Epics and Legendaries occur is increased, whereas the rate of Commons are decreased. Critical mints only happen every fifth minting, though there is no visible indication. For specific numbers and data, click on the Rate section within the game.
  • Where is an in-depth guide for NFT Brawl?
    See here for the guide on how to play NFT Brawl. Users will need to acquire Scapes, Seascape's native NFTs; info on how to acquire them can be found here.
  • Can I get back my Crowns back in NFT Brawl?
    In NFT Brawl, Crowns are consumed when the NFTs are minted. This means that Crowns spent to mint NFTs cannot be returned. This measure ensures the balance between Crowns and NFTs within the ecosystem.
  • What time does the daily leaderboard get calculated?
    In NFT Brawl, the daily leader board calculates top spenders every day. The cut off time for calculations are 12am UTC. Rewards will become available a few hours later upon compilation. Collecting rewards from daily rewards will automatically withdraw all the user's previous uncollected rewards.
  • What do I do with Scapes?
    Scapes can be staked in Staking Saloon, in which players can lock NFTs in exchange for Crowns. Future games will allow lower level NFTs to be staked in exchange for higher level ones, as well as other NFT staking mechanics. Stay tuned for further updates!
  • Why are there different pools on Staking Saloon?
    Each season of Staking Saloon will have 1 - 3 different pools, each with different rules for locking, as well as different lengths. These variable dimensions are voted upon by the users at the Seascape DAO.
  • Is this a new game or a rebrand?
    A long time beloved game by many Seascape Fans, this new rebranded title reflects the direction Seascape is moving forward in. Burn NFTs in various user-voted pools to acquire Crowns or other rewards. The guide for Bounty Saloon can be found here.
  • Is there a walkthrough guide for Scape Forum?
    Scape Forum is our fourth installment in the modular mini game series. In it, users choose 5 Scapes, Seascape’s original NFTs, to combine into a newer Scapes. This guide will take users step by step through how the game works. ٍ
  • Where can I get/collect/trade Scapes?
    Right now, the #1 way to get your hands on Scapes is to play NFT Brawl on the Seascape Platform for either Ethereum or Binance Smart Chain. Spend Crowns to mint Scapes! Check out the guide here. Get your hands on your first Scape free just by playing Profit Circus on Seascape Network. Additionally, Seascape's NFTs, Scapes are available on several top exchanges. Scape Store OpeanSea Treasureland BakerySwap Refinable Babylon
  • How does Generation Affect Scapes?
    Seascape generations start with zero and move up as the platform advances. Later games and seasons will give higher generation levels (gen 1, gen 2, etc). As a general rule of thumb, the lower the generation, the higher the Power of the Scape. Power is used to calculate how an NFT is used within the ecosystem. Of course, the higher the Power, the better! So the earlier you are in on the action, the more valuable your Scape is.
  • How does city-building work in Moonscape?
    Most buildings have two types of features, one to help you improve your city and rovers, and a DeFi feature offering attractive staking options. Each building can be upgraded, not only giving your city better output, but increasing your DeFi earnings. You will find a large variety of building combinations, making each city as vibrant as it is unique.
  • What is Moondust in Moonscape?
    MoonDust is a material unique to the Moonscape ecosystem. It can be obtained by spending MSCP, providing improvements to buildings and rovers. Additionally, all players will receive an allotment of a collective pool of MoonDust at the end of each season. The more refined dust you add to the pool, the larger it gets, along with your individual allotment! The more players engage with the unique in game economy, the higher the chances of obtaining special rewards for all players!
  • What is Moonscape?
    Moonscape is a brand new take on the resource management strategy genre. In it, players explore a futuristic moon, using DeFi features to enhance their cities while earning rewards for their time spent in-game. As the very first game on Moonbeam, Moonscape brings a new way for fans and enthusiasts to engage in the DeFi and NFT economies. - Attain resources with various DeFi mechanics. - P2E: Get rewarded for your time spent in-game - Explore the futuristic moon, scavenge for materials, and battle fearsome foes. - Retro futuristic immersive world, Sci-Fi world. - Collaborate with partners to reform the moon, while collectively improving your returns. - Attack rival cities to plunder in the fight for limited resources - Acquire NFTs that can be used or burned in exchange for upgrades and rewards - Developed for PC (browser) and Mobile (app).
  • How are NFTs used in Moonscape?
    Rovers and cities can be minted, turning them into NFTs and traded in marketplaces. Hardworking players can be rewarded for their effort, while players with less time can benefit by purchasing premade cities in which to start earning. Scapes, Seascape’s signature NFT series, can also be used in Moonscape, providing additional benefits and new Moonscape theme NFTs.
  • What is BLOCKLORDS?
    BLOCKLORDS is a player-driven MMO medieval grand strategy game where your decisions and skills shape the world and narrative. Choose from several playstyles, including farming, fighting, resource management, and ruling, and forge your own destiny as your Hero. Experience the pinnacle of strategy gaming with BLOCKLORDS and let your legacy be written in the annals of its world. Join us, as this medieval saga beckons you to make your mark.
  • When can I play BLOCKLORDS?
    You can download Blocklords from the Epic Game Store
  • How can I get higher level mines?
    Gold, the most important resource within Mini Miners is acquired through the Gold Mine, the qualities of which are determined by whether or not you hold a Gold Mine NFT, as well as that NFT's quality. Get a higher gold mine NFT by participating in the coming Lighthouse Sale, or thereafter on the Scape Store.
  • What resources/assets are available in the game?
    There are 3 types of resources available – GOLD, ORE, MUSHROOM with their appropriate areas on the map called Mines.The main resource of the game is the GOLD which can be exchanged for Crowns (CWS). Creating miners requires a MUSHROOM resource. Each miner later can individually upgrade his skills using ORE resources from the Forge building. After the miner’s resistance status reaches 0 the miner stops collecting and needs to be sent to the house to recover. For a miner to recover, additional resources of MUSHROOM are needed. Additionally, all time-consuming processes can be boosted by using GOLD resources. In the Gold mine, miners can also collect some special items that can be used for temporary boosts of different game features.
  • What is Mini Miners?
    Mini miners is a resource management strategy game mixed with clicker mechanics. Interwoven into the wider NFT economy, the aim is to allow players to collect as many resources in the most effective way possible. By entering the world of these tiny excavators, users can enjoy a rich experience of farming to earn real rewards.
  • Is there an in-depth walkthrough for how to play the game?
    Yes there is. See our github for any and all walkthrough guides. While this guide is general for some of the earlier seasons, see any announcements for specifics dealing for future seasons.
  • How are game seasons handled?
    Mini games in Seascape are organized by seasons, which typically correspond to the longevity of the pools associated with the game. Each pool has an amount and length voted upon by the community on the Seascape DAO, and is announced on social media and the Announcements page at the start of each season.
  • Is this a new game or a rebrand?
    Formerly known as Profit Circus, Capital Circus is a rebrand of Seascape's very first Web3 mini game. In future seasons, this game will have pools whose assets can be locked or acquired based on user votes on the Seascape DAO Check out this detailed guide for step by step information on how you can get in on the action.
  • Blocklords 有 NFT 吗?
    BLOCKLORDS 的英雄作为独一无二的数字资产存在。然而,与缺乏实用性且价值取决于炒作的主流 NFTs 不同,BLOCKLORDS 英雄的价值是由你的行为决定的。 英雄可以奔跑、跳跃、战斗、征服、集合、求爱、谈判、探索和无数其他事情。它们是具有真正用途的数字资产,其由玩家决定的价值将延续未来几十年。毕竟,你无法用 JPEG 征服村庄。 通过将您的选择、游戏技能和游戏消耗时间相结合,即使是作为农民也可以变得非常有价值。这是因为英雄的价值取决于他们在 BLOCKLORDS 世界中的效用。与其他游戏采用单向循环设计,旨在尽可能多地从玩家那里获取价值相比,BLOCKLORDS 采用不对称经济,玩家负责并定义自己的价值。 哦对了,每个人都从一个免费的基本英雄开始——无需现金。
  • Blocklords 是什么?
    BLOCKLORDS 是一款充满活力的中世纪大型策略游戏,英雄由他们的行为定义。 BLOCKLORDS 建立在四大核心玩法支柱之上:农场、战斗、统治和征服。想象一下,如果《帝国时代》的文明发展碰撞上拥有十字军之王战略和政治阴谋的《全面战争》——现在还添加了一些《星露谷物语》的农场机制,并且所有这些游戏机制都由一个完全由玩家拥有的单一经济模型相联系,那么您将对 BLOCKLORDS 的游戏画面有了大致的了解。 BLOCKLORDS 给予玩家充分的自由,他们不仅可以塑造自己的命运,还可以高水准建造自己的王国。通过游戏独特的王朝系统,玩家可以进一步扩展他们的遗产并在世界上留下印记。玩家做出的每一个决定不仅会影响他们自己的故事,还会对世界和他们周围的玩家产生影响。最重要的是,BLOCKLORDS 的设计宗旨是有趣。
  • 什么是白名单?以及我为什么需要预先注册?
    从 6 月 20 日开始,玩家可以预先注册 BLOCKLORDS 英雄特卖活动,届时将可以通过交易旗帜来领取 BLOCKLORDS 首批领主和贵妇人。此外,领取我们传奇创世纪英雄的玩家还将获得 The Founders Society(创始人协会) 的独家会员资格。 完成预注册和连接您的数字钱包将使您被列入英雄特售活动的“白名单”。被列入白名单的玩家将获得一个免费的旗帜宝箱,里面包含5个可交易的旗帜,之后可以兑换英雄。 我们希望我们不可思议的社区成为第一批拥有这些传奇创始角色的人,这也就是为什么玩家必须完成一项基本的社交任务并通过 MetaMask 连接他们的数字钱包才能被列入白名单的原因。通过这种方式,我们希望确保获得这些传奇英雄并带来奖励的是我们亲爱的社区成员,而不是机器人或巨鲸。
  • 我什么时候可以玩 Blocklords?
    很快。™ BLOCKLORDS 的第一个可玩版本将于 2022 年发布。在这款游戏的抢先体验版本中,您将能够探索农场机制、领主和贵妇人、王朝系统等。我们计划在 2023 年完整发布 BLOCKLORDS。 对我们来说重要的是,我们建立了一种令人难以置信的、可持续的体验,这种体验将持续数十年。通过分阶段发布游戏,我们始终致力于积极收集来自社区的反馈,以将游戏制作成最佳版本。 请注意,BLOCKLORDS 仍处于早期开发阶段。技术在不断发展和改进,玩家体验一直是我们团队的重中之重。因此,为了向我们的玩家提供最佳体验,功能和时间表可能会根据实际情况发生变化。如果发生变化,我们将保持透明开放的原则,及时通过我们的社区平台传达这些更新。
  • How can I stake tokens on Seascape?
    There are a few ways to get in on staking on Seascape. 1. Stake LP tokens, earn Crowns - Play Profit Circus on Ethereum Mainnet & Binance Smart Chain. Check out a full walkthrough on how to play on either chain here. 2. Stake LP tokens in vaults - Check out our Vault FAQ to get the rundown on how to use our Vaults on Beefy and Autofarm. 3. Stake Scapes, Seascape’s original NFTs, in the Staking Saloon!
  • How to play Seascape's LP Mining game on ETH and BSC?
    Check out this detailed guide for step by step information on how you can get in on the action.
  • How to get more MOVR By LP Mining with Seascape?
    Step 1:GET MOVR on KuCoin or Step 2: Add Moonriver to your Wallet Step 3: Buy RIB on SeaDex & Add RIB’ to your Metamask: 0xbD90A6125a84E5C512129D622a75CDDE176aDE5E Step 4: Add MOVR – RIB Liquidity to get LPs Step 5: Deposit your LPs in THE GAME Read more details in the guide here.
  • What is PuzzleCrusher?
    Puzzle Crusher is a strategic puzzle-platformer developed by Gamescan, part of Seascape Network's initial projects. The game targets both casual players and those who enjoy a good strategic challenge, offering over 200 levels that combine platforming, strategy, and resource management.
  • When can i play PuzzleCrusher?
    You can download Puzzle crusher from the Google Play and App Store


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