Board up the windows and grab your weapons, because Zombie Farm S2 is back and ready for action! Brand new challenges, brand new rewards! The most frightening web3 game is kicking into gear right in time for the Halloween season!

Zombie Farm is a brand new survival horror web3 game available on BNB Chain, brought to you by Seascape Network. Engage in various DeFi staking challenges to pass levels, and escape the horde of the living dead. Put your Zombie Series NFTs (Wichita and the Gang) to use in some challenges, along with others from the Scape series.


Reward Structure

As players have come to expect, Zombie Farm has four levels, each with three challenges. In sum, there are over 28,000,000 MSCP and 170,000 CWS, a whopping total of $100,000 USD in rewards collectively among all the pools. Clearing levels will also award you with increasing qualities of Barbatus NFT, from the highly-coveted Roman series.

How to Play

1. Choose your challenge

Choose from among three staking challenges. The path you choose will determine which challenges are available to you at later levels, for example choosing challenge 1a will lead to 2a. There are a total of 4 levels, each with 3 challenges.

2. Take on the challenge

Challenges will consist of single token, LP token, NFT, and combination staking. In some challenges, staking NFTs will result in their burning. Stake a certain minimum to pass the challenge. The minimum will vary from challenge to challenge, and will be indicated in the popup menu. Challenges can range from easy to difficult, with difficulty measured approximately in how difficult it is to obtain a specific token or coin. Finishing the challenges for each level will unlock the next level. The later the level the greater the reward.

3. Speed up the challenge (Optional)

Once you have met the required minimum for a challenge, and the countdown time has begun, each level has the option to spend CWS to skip the wait time, allowing for the withdrawal of rewards to move on to the next level. Additionally, staking more than the required amount will reduce countdown time.

Note: Be careful about withdrawal times, as players cannot withdraw during the staking countdown. The withdrawal function for the challenge will only be available once the countdown has ended. Forced withdrawals at those times may result in a loss of assets, so make sure that you’re withdrawing at the appropriate time as indicated by the challenge! Also, one important update from last season is that now you can get your hands on your level clearing NFT reward upon the completion of the season. So no more hurrying to collect rewards as the time is winding down. Enjoy Zombie slaying action with more freedom.

Here are some useful links to prepare you for Zombie slaying action!

  1. Swap pCWS on PancakeSwap

  2. Swap MSCP on PancakeSwap

  3. Add Liquidity (BNB-pCWS LP)

  4. Add Liquidity (BNB-MSCP LP)

  5. Transfer CWS/MSCP among chains through Meter Passport

Join us for 100 Days of DeFi zombie slaying action in this second season! The scariest web3 game on BNB Chain is ready and waiting. Are you prepared to take on the horde of the living dead while increasing your earnings?

Your Game. Your Rules.

Enjoy the Seascape.

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We have got a treat for Seascape fans hungry for information! Community Manager Simon and Countess of Content Charmika bring some pertinent information pertaining to the remainder of 2022. Here are some highlights for those who missed the session and those who want to re-enjoy the hype of our AMA.

1) Things have been kind of quiet for a while now. What can players expect from Seascape for Q4 2022?

This question is why we’re all here. After a summer of brainstorming, traveling to conventions, being extremely present and interacting with others in the space, we’re finally in a position to move forward with some great things that we’ve been super excited about. We’ve got not one, but two brand new titles with elevated addictive gameplay on the horizon. You may have heard whispers of a game called Mini Miners. We will be making a formal announcement pertaining to it in the days to come, but it’s a title set in a fantasy land with intense strategy elements. We’ve also got Moonscape, Zombie Farm, and *at least* one more Lighthouse project on the horizon. The last few months of the year will be jam-packed with tons of delights, more AMAs, more Twitter Spaces, more livestreams, more videos, and lots of opportunities for you to get your fill of Seascape!

2) What's going on with Moonscape?

Moonscape Open Beta is still on the horizon! We’ve experienced a few technical setbacks, because this is a pretty ambitious project, with effectively nothing like it available right now. Most games sacrifice either the web3 aspects for gameplay (rare) or gameplay aspects for web3 (more common). We don’t wish to do either, and for that reason, we’ve got a game that we’re proud of but is taking longer than we originally anticipated to get online. In the meantime, we’ve got a series of extremely exciting community campaigns to keep the fire turned up in anticipation. Be on the lookout for lots of opportunities to earn MSCP, city NFTs, rover NFTs, and other rewards in the coming weeks.

3) When’s the new season of Zombie Farm meant to go online? Will it be any different from the first season? 

Many players have asked us about what’s happening with Zombie Farm, and we’re very grateful for the continued interest! The new season is indeed in preparation, and Fate permitting, it should be ready within the month for launch. If you’re worried that your Wichitas and other zombie NFTs are going cold, don’t be, because they should be put into gear in time for the Halloween season.

4) Is the team gearing up to showcase some new products and services, or is it hunkering down and waiting for the bull market to arrive?

Launching in a bear market is, perhaps surprisingly, quite an exciting challenge. Like a virus that enters a body, many products will die off during this recession. We will see massive shifts in the industry and landscape, which means that those projects which survive the Crypto Winter will be all the stronger for it. We have a number of products to release on the horizon, some very very soon, and we are confident that even in this market it will demonstrate our value and ability to shine like a diamond in the rough. When the dust settles, it will be those products that shined brightly in dark times that will be most deeply remembered.

5) Does the Seascape team have any ideas or measures regarding CWS pricing?

From the very beginning, the vast majority of Seascape’s tokens were partitioned off to be distributed to ecosystem participants in order to incentivize their interaction with our platform. From mini games to Lighthouse and beyond, we try to reward our players as much as possible, and strive to bring them value for interacting with our platform. This, of course can mean that things will be unstable from time to time, especially given the state of the market.

CWS is the core of Seascape, and all of our products are based around it, be it directly or indirectly. Compared to other blockchain games, you can see that we have much better product performance and front-end design quality. You can see this in smaller projects, all the way up to large scale epics like BLOCKLORDS. For this reason, we aim to bring valuable products and services to the industry, and the quality of those products will speak for themselves. As we gear up for the rest of 2022, with more and greater launches, we are confident that users will join our vision, increasing value along with increased quality.

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One of the top DeFi games known to enthusiasts, NFT Brawl is back with two new seasons, available on BNB Chain and Moonriver! Once again, we are welcoming the world to come stake tokens in exchange for Scapes, Seascape’s original NFT series. As true financial objects, they can be traded and exchanged on DEXes like the Scape Store, as well as be put to use in other facets of the Seascape ecosystem.

Click here for NFT Brawl on BNB Chain!

Click here for NFT Brawl on MOVR!

Join us for a brand new season of this smash DeFi hit! As the first series of NFTs on Moonriver, you don’t want to miss your chance to get in on the play-to-earn game! Travel to the murky depths of the NFT Brawl lair, and put your MOVR-chain CWS to use, minting fresh, brand new Scapes!

Check here for a step-by-step walkthrough on how you can turn your Crowns into freshly minted Scapes! Check out the Meter Bridge to transfer your crowns between chains in preparation for NFT Brawl!

Here are the highlights!

  • Compete for 30 days!

  • Get Generation 3 Scapes on BNB

  • Get Generation 2 Scapes on MOVR

  • Compete for over 30,000 CWS in leaderboard rewards

  • Compete for 350 daily rewards and 5000 seasonal rewards on each chain!

  • 30 minute cooldown after minting

And as always, you can input between 1 and 10 Scapes to try your chance at getting brand new Scapes. Players will only be able to spend once per minting, so be careful when you choose the amount of Crowns you’d like to spend before your mint!

Your Game, Your Rules

Enjoy the Seascape

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