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Updated: Jan 13

With the New Year comes exciting new ventures! Seascape is bringing you an epic blast along with our close affiliates over at MetaKing Studios! Mini Miners and BLOCKLORDS are teaming up to bring you chances to double your action potential! ! From January 12th to January 26th 2023, join Mini Miners and BLOCKLORDS for a New Years blast out of this world!.

There are two activities for you to get your rewards, a Galxe campaign and a Quiz!

Galxe Event:

Hop over to the Galxe Event and connect your wallet on Galxe. Follow the instructions below, then you can acquire all the OATs!

  • Follow BLOCKLORDS & Mini Miners Twitter

  • Join BLOCKLORDS Discord

  • Attend Twitter Spaces Event on January 18, 2023

  • Take part in the Quiz event

Quiz Event:

Participants will take a 5 question quiz with questions about BLOCKLORDS and Mini Miners. So make sure you sharpen your knowledge about these two games! You will get the following rewards once you get all the questions correct:


  • 5 Bronze chests

  • 10 Gen-3 Rare Scapes

  • All participants will receive a special BLOCKLORDS code for extra resources in Mini Miners Early Access

  • Event Duration: 12th January 2023 - 26th January 2023

Event time is limited so make sure you participate ASAP! Don’t miss out on the chance to get a head start with these rewards that will be extremely beneficial for you when games are out!

Your Game. Your Rules.

Enjoy the Seascape.

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Hold onto your seats and prepare for takeoff, because Seascape is gearing up to take it to the next level as we prepare to celebrate our 2nd anniversary! It’s been a year full of surprises, ups, downs, and all-arounds! But this rocket is headed for the moon at top speed! Let’s take a look at our accomplishments over the last year together.

None of our accomplishments would be possible without you!

In the grand year 2022, we saw the long awaited launch of Zombie Farm, survival horror DeFi game available on BNB Chain. It was to date our most ambitious project in terms of composition and interaction of multiple smart contracts as well as marrying together all that we’d learned about DeFi game construction. We similarly saw Gifts from the Grave campaign which distributed over $10k in prizes!

Did you know that we also attended GDC in San Francisco this past March? There we had an excellent booth and engaged in more than our fair share of excitement with great partners.

Another long awaited project saw fruition this year with the Early Access release of Moonscape! We upgraded our Scape Store’s swapping feature to bring it farther than other NFT marketplaces in the space.

This year we also began streaming in various places, chief among them on Binance Live! You don’t want to miss out on all the great content we have there, so make sure to sign up at your earliest convenience and follow us for hours of web3 fun!

In addition to our second Zombie NFT series sale in conjunction with Binance, we also had a second season of Zombie Farm!

And of course, we would be totally remiss to not include the launch of Seascape’s latest resource management strategy game Mini Miners. We’ve got a number of events and opportunities for you to get in-game rewards, so if you’re not playing yet, you should get on board!

Last and certainly not least, the biggest news of the year has definitely been the unveiling of the total remake of BLOCKLORDS. What started out as a small dream has turned into something enormous and major, a huge disruptor in the Web3 space! Here are just a few of the highlights:

  • Thirteen live events including GDC, NYC NFT, Gamescon, DECENTRAL Miami, and many more

  • Over 800 external press releases written about the coming game

  • Linking up with partners as diverse as Square Enix, Krafton, Amioca Brands, and many more

  • Bronze & Silver chest sales and banner trades

  • Unique Hero Sale!

There’s so very much more going on that can’t really be underestimated. So if you’re interested in being a part of the future of Web3, this is the direction to move in! Join BLOCKLORDS today!

What a year for Seascape Twitter! Our total Twitter following across all Twitter channels grew to an astounding 200,000 followers. Seascape is loved across the globe in all of its various communities, we will be adding to the places and languages available for DeFi fans, spreading love to corners as yet unreached!

We are extremely proud of this platform and can’t wait to watch it grow with the most amazing fans in the crypto community. Here’s to leveling up and many more years of Seascape!

Your Game, Your Rules

Enjoy the Seascape

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The epic collaboration we’ve been waiting for has arrived! Two of our favorite Seascape games are having a conjoint campaign for the players. As 2022 is coming to an end, we want to thank our players for all the support you've given us. Not only are the prizes EPIC this time, this campaign will also last from now to Jan 22nd 2023, so you can have enough time to join the party with us!

Here’s the details on how you can join the campaign and what are the prizes:

Huge prizes:

  • Rovers NFT each for 5 winners

  • Gen-3 Special Scapes each for 7 winners

  • 20,000 MSCP Token Rewards each for 10 winners

  • Everyone can get a special code for Mini Miners: cn8xffxx0fb

  • Enter this code in your Mini Miners Game and it will give you so much resources!

  • 1,500 Mushrooms

  • 1,500 Ore

  • 2 Special Items

How to join:

Step 1. Go visit :

Step 2. Start your engagement with those missions

Each mission has different XP, and you would want to hit up all of them!

This is a once in a lifetime campaign. Everyone gets prizes this time! The campaign will last from now until Jan. The more entries you make, the higher chance you will win more prizes. Don’t miss out on your chance for this year-end celebration we have for you!

Your Game. Your Rules.

Enjoy the Seascape.

Website || Twitter || Telegram || Discord || Twitch || Youtube

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