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Since launching in 2020, Seascape Network has been charging to the forefront of Web3 gaming. 2023 was a banner year with its release of the critically acclaimed Blocklords grand strategy game. 

The Blocklords open-beta continues to hit major milestones with over 8,000,000 average weekly hours played and over 90,000 players settled. The success of Blocklords allowed for the expansion of the Seascape Loyalty Center, which enables players to buy, sell, and burn their in-game NFTs.

Building off of the success of 2023, Seascape has exciting plans for its 2024 roadmap, including significant updates, launches, and expansions. Here is a look at what you can expect from Seascape this year.

2024: Q1   

Q1 is over and has already seen a number of significant developments across the Seascape Network.

Burn Waves Launched

The launch of weekly burn waves allow for different Seascape NFTs to be burned on a regular basis in exchange for the soulbound loyalty token: PermaPoints.

BLOCKLORDS PermaPoints Airdrop Snapshot

In Q1, we announced an upcoming airdrop of BLOCKLORDS tokens (LRDS) for anyone that accumulated or spent over 50,000 PermaPoints at the time of the snapshot. Although these tokens are not yet distributed, they will be available post-Token Generation Event (TGE) and vesting period. Eligible users have already received a snapshot showing their future LRDS airdrop amount.

2024: Q2

Q2 will see several milestones hit, and have one MAJOR update that Seascape users and the community should be excited about.


The release of new BLOCKLORDS heroes expand the in-game universe and allow for enhanced mechanics and strategies for players to utilize in the main game. These new heroes continue to be a cornerstone of the Seascape gaming ecosystem. Moving forward, BLOCKLORDS heroes will be a major part of developing cross-game interoperability of the $CWS – and later, $LRDS tokens.

New Mobile Game Launch 

The Seascape Network is expanding its game catalog with the announcement of a fun and compelling new mobile gaming title. With this exciting take on the puzzle-solving genre, the new game launch will grow the Seascape ecosystem beyond the current player base and expand into new gaming territory (details to be shared soon!).

$CWS Token Locking

With the release of Locking for $CWS holders, the new mechanic will allow Seascape users to lock in their $CWS tokens to passively earn PermaPoints. The impact is twofold. 

Locking will increase the utility of the native $CWS tokens without forcing users to sell their tokens, and it will reward users for holding their tokens on Seascape. The longer and more tokens you hold – the more PermaPoints you earn.

For a full rundown of how the tokens on the Seascape Network interact, check out the Seascape Network: Overview.

New Mobile Game Airdrop

Early adopters of the new mobile game on Seascape will be rewarded with frequent PermaPoint airdrops throughout Q2 that can be used in the new mobile game and across the wider Seascape gaming ecosystem as it grows.

Loyalty Chests Launch 

The new Loyalty Chests mechanic will reward the most active and loyal Seascape community members. Loyalty chests will contain in-game rewards and exclusive digital assets. The more you play games on the Seascape Network, the higher the chance you have of obtaining these elusive rewards.

2024: Q3 

The second half of 2024 will see a major push for developing the Seascape Native Blockchain (Seachain) outlined in the Whitepaper. Users can expect to see three major updates during this period:

Seachain Whitepaper

The whitepaper will be one of the most anticipated developments of The Seascape Network in 2024. The whitepaper will be the preeminent document for Seascape’s ambitious blockchain project. It will detail the technical and strategic vision of Seascape's blockchain infrastructure. 

Seachain Node Generation Event

The event will allow participants to gain a stake in the Seascape blockchain ecosystem. Participants will have a chance to contribute directly to the security and decentralization of the blockchain and share in the rewards of its continued growth.

New Exclusive NFT Mint 

The Seascape Network will once again be demonstrating the power and popularity of blockchain technology with this exclusive NFT mint. These NFTs will introduce scarce collectibles and utility-driven advantages for the new mobile game. These NFTs will be part of the larger Seascape ecosystem and allow for the additional movement of $CWS tokens and PermaPoints across the open marketplace.

2024: Q4

To round out the year, Seascape will continue building off the growth across the network and ecosystem and push Seascape to compete as a leading Web3 gaming network and blockchain project leading into 2025.

Seachain v1: ‘LORDCHAIN’ Launch

The inaugural version of the Seachain will focus specifically on supporting the BLOCKLORDS ecosystem. This is an important step toward the ultimate goal of creating a gaming network based on a Seascape native blockchain.

New Game - To Be Announced

Another new game will be shipped in Q4. Seascape is excited about its potential to further expand the existing ecosystem and blockchain projects. Follow Seascape Network’s social channels for exciting developments and promotions of this new game throughout the year.

Seascape Network’s 2024 Push

The 2024 roadmap for Seascape Network is ambitious and reflects the commitment to innovation, community, and the seamless integration of blockchain technology in gaming. 

Each milestone and launch is another step towards realizing Seascape’s vision of a comprehensive, engaging, and rewarding web3 gaming ecosystem. Stay tuned for more updates, and join Seascape on this exciting journey!

Disclaimer: Dates outlined in the 2024 Roadmap are tentative and subject to change throughout the course of the year.

What are the wildest, coolest, most useful ways AI can be integrated into the Seascape Network Web3 gaming ecosystem?If you think you have the answer, there’s a good chance you may win exclusive access to receive one of one thousand NeurochainAI Limited Collection - Tier 5 NFTs rewards!

The upcoming Limited Collection - Tier 5 NFT airdrop is part of NeurochainAl’s Loyalty Program. To enroll, register and mint your own Tier 0 NFT, and work your way up to Tier 5 – or enter your best ideas in the Seascape AI Showdown to win one of ten Tier 5 NFTs today. (When? Soon…)

Limited Collection - Tier 5 NFT holders get:

  • Future airdrops

  • Retro-drops

  • FREE AI credits to use across NeurochainAI dApps

  • Partner perks

  • Early product access

  • Voting rights in NeurochainAI DAO

  • More to come!

How to Participate:

  • Follow @seascapenetwork and @NeurochainAI on X (Twitter).

  • Idea Submission: Reply to our X  campaign tweet with your idea for AI integration within Seascape Network and games. One idea per post, you can submit as many ideas as you like. Be as creative as you like ;)

  • Hashtag: Include #SeascapeAIShowdown and #NeurochainAI in your post.

  • Deadline: Reply with your ideas to the post by Sunday April 7 at 23:59 UTC.


  • 5 Guaranteed Whitelist Spots: Secure a free mint (excluding gas fees) for a limited edition Tier 5 NFT.

  • 5 First Come, First Serve Whitelist Spots: Win you a spot for a free mint.

Selection Criteria:

  • Humanity: Your submission should ooze human creativity and ingenuity. We're prioritizing ideas that clearly come from personal thought and innovation and NOT ChatGPT.

  • Feasibility: Realistic potential for implementation.

  • Impact: The ability to significantly enhance the Seascape ecosystem and user experience.

  • Clarity: Conciseness and clarity in presentation.

Rules & Conditions:

  • Originality: Must be your own idea.

  • Judging: The Seascape team's decisions are final.

  • Winner Announcement: Via Twitter, with direct contact for rewards.

Dive In, Create, Win!

We're excited to see how you imagine the future of AI in gaming and blockchain, don’t hold back – unleash the hivemind!

Disclaimer: Seascape reserves the right to alter or discontinue the competition under unforeseen circumstances.

Seascape Network, a next-generation web3 platform building out a rich gaming ecosystem with DeFi and NFT integrations giving gamers true ownership over their in-game items and rewards, is proud to announce our partnership with Neurochain AI, a cutting-edge decentralized AI platform enabling rapid and cost-effective development of AI-powered dApps, leveraging a community-driven infrastructure. NeurochainAI, as a comprehensive solution, provides essential tools for AI dApp development, including:

  • DePIN compute network for decentralized AI processing.

  • AI model marketplace to trade and access AI models easily.

  • Data layer for secure and scalable data management.

  • dApp layer integrating AI models and featuring an AI dApp store.

Integrating AI into the Seascape Ecosystem

Through this partnership, the Seascape community gains access to Neurochain AI's resources, along with free credits for dApp usage. 

Integrating AI technologies into traditional web2 games is already creating a monumental shift in everything from game development to voice acting and user-generated content. Add the power of blockchain technology to the equation and the potential for web3 gaming to grow is unbounded.

NeurochainAI is a complete platform and suite of tools, allowing developers to quickly develop, deploy, and leverage existing AI dApps for their Seascape projects bringing exciting new game experiences to all Seascape ecosystem games. Website || Twitter || Telegram || Discord

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