The Moonscape development team has been collecting all the data and feedback and bringing us the new updates!

Here are the important updates that you do not want to miss:

Bugs fixes:

  • Fixed the black map that appeared after killing aliens

  • Fixed rover skills upgrade

  • Fixed fetching data issue when trying to enter an opponent city

  • Fixed that the kill alien boss text would only be for boss aliens

  • Fixed eliminated objects on the map from disappearing

  • Fixed Email sign up validation issue

  • Fixed attacks of the rover disabled when you enter the battle clicking on "Attack" from the building's UI

  • Fixed fetching issue when selecting resource type

  • Fixed the game not unlocking the extra extractors automatically after a resource type is selected

  • Fixed MSCP-USDC LP TVL and APR calculation

  • Fixed the functions of Attack and Speed to work properly

  • Fixed that rover enters a battle with less HP when you refresh the game in the middle of a battle

  • Fixed that rover appears on top of an enemy city when you refresh the game in the middle of a battle


  • Increase the damage of turrets

Our team is dedicated to optimizing the game for you to have a great experience, and we will continue to serve that purpose until the end of time! We would love to hear from you! If you have any questions or feedback, please use the following methods to reach out to us!

  • Join Telegram: Click the Telegram icon inside the game to join the private TG Group for testers and have direct contact with the dev team to give feedback on potential bugs.

  • Send Feedback: Click on this form and let us know your opinion about Moonscape Early Access version!

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Updated: May 6

Welcome to the final installment of the Moonscape Dev Diaries! We’ve already taken a look at most of the functions the first version of the game will include. Future versions of the game that include updated features will have their own entries here in the Dev Diaries, so make sure you keep your eyes peeled. Though for now, things will come to an end as all good things must!

But before we take off, we want to leave you with some final tips to help you get started on your Moonscape journey. This should help orient players as they set off making new colonies and feeling the true power of DeFi!

  • Resource management is of foundational importance to Moonscape gameplay, and should therefore be a serious priority for you as a new player. The resources are finite and by the end of the season there will be very few resource points to choose from. Manage them well.

  • Test your Rover before upgrading. Depending on how you choose to play, some features would be more appropriate for your style than others. Do several battles to get a feel for which features you think would be important to boost, rather than selecting randomly from buildings with the Rover Research function.

  • Put your resources to good use! Once a rival player destroys one of your buildings, you will lose a percentage of your total resources. It is inadvisable to store them rather if you can use them for an upgrade.

  • Check your extractors often. Repairing them is a more affordable option than building a new one from scratch, so you will save some valuable resources if you repair them rather than allowing them to break down.

  • Build a Refinery in every city. If you don’t have this building all your defenses will remain at the lowest level by default, making it relatively easy for other players to destroy your buildings and raid your limited resources.

  • Pay close attention to the seasonal mission board. As Moonscape is a season based game, failure to complete all the missions in a season will make you unable to obtain seasonal rewards. Those same rewards won’t be available the following season.

  • Special resource points are extremely difficult. The alien species Revrod is very tough. If you cannot defeat them, don’t get discouraged, just improve your rover and come back later. Don’t bother wasting your time trying to destroy them in the first few tries.

And as a final treat, we want to do a little campaign to celebrate the Early Access closed beta of Moonscape that is rapidly approaching on the horizon. We’ve prepared a quiz for players to make sure that you are all studied up and prepared for liftoff. Go through the previous 11 Dev Diaries to find the answers to the questions. We will select 8 winners, one per day! Check out our social media for how you can participate!

Are you ready to blast off into outer space and take off for the moon? We are getting our gears ready and into place, as the time is quickly approaching for users across the Cryptosphere to enter the next phase of Gamefi development. Will you be one of the early adopters? Stay tuned to social media to find out when you can get into your rocket and take off for the Moon!

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Updated: May 6

Greetings everyone and welcome to another entry in the dev diary series. This is the penultimate entry for this up-and-coming game, so we wanted to take a look into something very, very important. Today, we are going to take a deep look into the Space Hub, what you might consider to be the main menu of the game. The Space Hub includes many useful tools and sections to get the most out of your moonfaring experience.

Note: This is a work in progress. The final product is subject to change.

Let’s start from the top and work our way down!

In the PROFILE section you will be able to use one Scape NFT to get a rover, the ultra fast Iconoclast. Also you will find useful buttons to help you connect your wallet, visit the market place and others.

Under the CITIES tab you will find easy and fast access to your city, just by clicking on the tab and selecting visit in order to enter the city, regardless of where you are in the map. Work really hard on a city and want to share the spoils? You can use this menu to mint a city and turn it into an NFT to be traded on the open market! You can also import an NFT and use it in the game. There will be only 3 slots, so you’ll need to have an empty one in order to import a new city.

In the GARAGE you will find the list of all the rovers available. There you can check which tasks you would need to complete in order to obtain that given rover. You’ll also find the stats of the rover, and the buttons to select it and use it in the game. Mint your new rover and turn it into a NFT, or import an external rover, and select from your list of NFTs to add to the game. Something really important to keep in mind is that a player can only have 1 rover of each type in the game. For example, if you complete the tasks and obtain the Executioner rover, you cannot import another Executioner via the NFT port. In order to be able to obtain a new one, you would need to mint your current one first, removing it from the game and turning it into a NFT. Then your new Executioner spot will be open and ready for import.

The MISSIONS menu will let you check the mission of the game, and obtain the rewards. Missions are divided into 3 categories: Daily, Season and Beginner. Daily missions are to be completed each day, and will reset the following day. Rewards from daily missions also will reset each day, so be sure to collect them!

Season missions last for the entire season, and these are a bit more complicated and time consuming to complete. However, the rewards will be substantially better, including NFTs, Moondust and top quality rovers.

Beginner missions can only be completed once per account, and are made with the intention of helping players explore and get used to the most essential elements of the game.

Daily and beginner rewards won’t issue rewards individually. In order to get them, you will need to complete the number of missions indicated, and then click on the reward to obtain it. If the reward is an NFT, you will need to have your wallet

Finally, the COMBAT screen will show you the result of all battle scenarios, both when you attack, and when one of your cities is attacked. There you can find the username, whether or not the rover was destroyed, when it happened, and the resources stolen. Very useful to know who to take revenge against!

This concludes the penultimate Moonscape Dev diary! Stay tuned next week for a riveting conclusion, equipped with some special information! Are you as excited for this game as we are? Let’s take this game to the moon!

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