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NFT, Token Burning


Crowns, the universal token of the Seascape Network, allow all hodlers to benefit in this first NFT-focused Seascape modular DeFi Game.


In NFT Brawl, users can spend varying amounts of Crowns to mint Scapes, Seascape's original series of NFTs. Try your hand at minting higher qualities of Scapes, and compete with others for daily and seasonal leaderboard rewards.


Where are the guides and walkthroughs for NFT Brawl?

See here for the guide on how to play NFT Brawl. Users will need to acquire Scapes, Seascape's native NFTs; info on how to acquire them can be found here.

Can I get back my Crowns back in NFT Brawl?

In NFT Brawl, Crowns are spent rather than staked. This means that Crowns spent to mint NFTs cannot be returned. This is to ensure the balance between Crowns and NFTs within the ecosystem.

In NFT Brawl, what is critical rate?

Every fifth minting in NFT Brawl is a Critical Hit. During these mintings, the rate at which epics and legendaries are increased, whereas the rate of commons are decreased. Critical mints only happen every fifth minting, though there is no visible indication. For specific numbers and data, click on Rate within the game.

What time does the daily leaderboard get calculated?

In NFT Brawl, the daily leader board calculates top spenders every day. The cut off time for calculations are 12am UTC. Rewards will become available a few hours later upon compilation. Collecting rewards from daily rewards will automatically withdraw all the user's previous uncollected rewards.

How to Claim NFT Brawl S1 Rewards?

For Season 2 of NFT Brawl, if players have rewards they did not claim from Season 1, their rewards are still available and there are two ways to claim them this season. Read more here.