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11.10 Seascape x Treasureland AMA

Topic: The Immediate Future for Seascape & Beyond

Yesterday we had a successful AMA with our lovely partner Treasureland! People were thrilled to participate in the event and we also cared about those who couldn’t make it to the event, so here are the highlights on what we did on the AMA event:

1, I understand that Seascape has recently released the website and other information for your latest game Mini Miners. What kind of game is it? Can you tell us a bit about the gameplay options?

Great question, would love to answer. Mini miners is a resource management strategy game mixed with clicker mechanics. The aim is to allow players to collect as many resources in the most effective way possible. Users can enjoy a rich experience of farming to earn real rewards. In the game, you will manage a growing team of little men who will happily work the mines for you. Your job is to effectively distribute the resources attained, to earn bigger and greater rewards. Check out our website for information:

2,As we have seen, since GameFi/NFT became a big hit, a very large number of games have emerged onto the market. Why should players choose Mini Miners over others?

Well, the great thing about Mini Miners is that you don’t have to choose it over other games, as it can be played in conjunction with just about anything. Mini Miners is an Idle Clicker game, and as such it is manageable and can be played simultaneously in rapid succession, throughout the day whenever the player has time. Like many other idle games, Mini Miners is addictive and gives the user potentially exponential return on initial investment, because as we all know, users love when games provide them with both collectability and completionism. It’s all about strategy, which is something Seascape is committed to, be it from the interweaving of our mini games, to our larger games, all of which hinge on strategic play for handsome rewards.

3,Mini Miners Early Access is supposed to be coming out soon, right? Can you tell us when? What features are available in this version? Is there a high barrier for players to participate?

Early Access will have all the basic gameplay necessary to understand the essential game loop, with more and better features to come in later months. Users will be able to do the following: (1) Send miners to get resources in the mines, (2) Use items to boost the game, (3) Trade or sell miners or items to other players (4) Input promo and reference codes for in-game benefits, (5) Get a FREE Common Mine NFT just for playing the game (6) Test out the Manager, a character that allows you to automatically manage your Mini Miners when not playing

4, In addition to Mini Miners, what other products does Seascape have? As a Web 3 game platform, what do you think are Seascape's core competencies? What is the focus of Seascape's development now and in the future?

Seascape as a Web3 Platform has a number of games under development as well as currently online for all to play. Basically, Seascape is a platform that allows players to engage in DeFi and NFT games of various sizes, all based around the CWS token and its affiliate tokens (such as MSCP and RIB). These games have a connected coherent logic, allowing users to strategize their way into earnings. You can always visit this link to see what mini games Seascape has going on: We’ve got a number of Mini games that are currently live across various networks. In addition, we’ve got Mini Miners coming out very soon! You should pay attention for lots of special offers to get in-game rewards. Also, look out for new and improved Moonscape, one of our earlier and exciting titles. Not to mention, our flagship game entitled BLOCKLORDS, a medieval online strategy game where you can mint heroes that will allow you to participate in the upcoming Early Access, and you should get in on it pretty immediately.

5,What are the current capabilities of CWS as the core token of Seascape? Players can exchange Gold into CWS rewards in Mini Miners, what role does it play in BLOCKLORDS?

CWS is the core pillar of Seascape Network, designed to reward all key stakeholders who participate in the network. It is the blood that circulates throughout the body of Seascape Network, keeping it afloat. What’s important now is that we have plenty of use cases for it, and make sure that its holders are confident in its efficacy. That’s why we have the games we have, as well as the coming games and projects which require it for participation. CWS hodlers will have special use cases within the BLOCKLORDS ecosystem, such as purchases of game passes, or other in-game items at discounted prices, or other special CWS-only cases. As we solidify these plans we will make sure to communicate them to all our players.

6,The GameFi/Web 3 world exploded in popularity last year, but the market is a bit cooler now. How do you see the next track development? What will the team do next?

There’s a slight blessing in bear markets, actually. You may have heard people like Gary V mention that these kinds of adversarial contexts provide overwhelming challenges to the market and all the projects participating in it. However, it’s in these situations that the true projects with actual vision can rise to the surface, just so long as they are able to weather the storm. And there is plenty of evidence that Seascape is doing just that. All our games are carrying on as usual with our most dedicated fans. We’ve got a constant new track of games that are created under these tough circumstances that will show the world what we’re made of. You can even see here where Eurogamer has written of BLOCKLORDS as an important part of Square Enix’s future, as they are one of our partners ( We’re still moving and shaking, especially with the partners that are most important to us. We’ve got some really interesting plans lined up for 2023 and we’re very excited to show them off to the world!

Don’t get your fill with Seascape? Definitely go check out all of our official social media to get the latest news and stay on top of all of our upcoming events!

Your Game. Your Rules.

Enjoy the Seascape.

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