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AMA Recap| Dive into Seascape games: Zombie Farm S2 & Mini Miners

The exciting Zombie Farm S2 is finally here! Together with Community Manager Simon, Countess of Content Charmika and Brand Manager Tina, we are here to answer all of your questions you’ve been dying to know! Here are some highlights for those who missed the session and those who want to re-enjoy the hype of our AMA.

1. Will the staking minimum be different this time or will it be the same as Zombie Farm S1?

The second season of Zombie Farm will be largely the same as the first when it comes to gameplay. Take a look at our recently published article for an in depth look at what’s going on.

This season we’re offering pool rewards worth over $100k USD and those who pass the various levels will be able to collect level bonus NFTs from the Rome series. This time around players can look forward to getting their hands on Barbatus, the bearded Roman. In addition to level bonus NFTs,, there will also be season completion bonus NFTs.

We have, however, made some adjustments to the specific tasks at each level, which will be slowly revealed one at a time on Twitter so pay attention for specifics. We encourage you all to actively discuss them here and share your progress with fellow players.

Stay tuned to our social media for more details!

2. Might we expect a season of Scape Forum shortly into Zombies to help us fuse some of the required scapes?

Yes, of course! Just like in the first season, in order to help users get their hands on the Scapes they need, we’ll have Scape Forum available on BNB Chain in the not too distant future. Keep your eyes peeled for the good news.

3. There are many Wichitas in my opinion, will there be something to reduce the amount in circulation like a season of Staking Saloon?

First of all, the number of Wichita is not very large, fixed at 20,000, including the 4 different qualities. Secondly, for Wichita, we are constantly giving it more value, as I believe players who participated in the first season of Zombie Farm already know, when players who staked their Wichitas were rewarded with BNB. In the second season, meanwhile which has just gone live, it is also a challenge requirement and has more practical implementations.

4. Any plans to open any zombie games on Moonriver?

There are no current plans for a Zombie game on Moonriver in the near future, but a multi-chain Zombie game is in the works, so stay tuned!

5. What Chain will Mini Miners be on?

Mini Miners will be available for BNB Chain, familiar to our long-time players, and easily accessible for others within the wider Binance ecosystem. As our long time partners, we feel very comfortable with this initial launch on Binance, and with their support, along with the fans and guilds that support them, we are sure to make this early access release a mega success!

6. Is Mini Miners going to be a Lighthouse IDO?

Actually we do have some Lighthouse plans related to Mini Miners, though the initial release will be a standalone normal Seascape game. We highly encourage all players to get in on the starting floor because there will be some excellent rewards waiting for you there. And in time, when the Lighthouse comes into the picture you’ll be prepped and ready.

7. Mini miners will have seasons and cws reward pool?

Mini Miners is not scheduled to have seasons, unlike Seascape’s other games. Rather, it will be ongoing, with continuous updates and expansions to improve the game experience. Mini Miners is meant to bring the traditional world of gaming properly to the web3 world. As for the Crowns pool, you can think of it as somewhat different. We put a LOT of CWS into the potential rewards you can win, but they will be exchangeable for gold in game. So there’s a (very VERY generous) amount that’s winnable, but it’s not in a traditional pool per se. You’ll have to mine and exchange.

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