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AMA Recap July 14, 2022

We have got a treat for Seascape fans hungry for information! On July 14th, 2022, we had a stellar AMA with David Johansson, CEO & Co-Founder of Seascape Network and Erlan Pietrosemoli, Game Designer for Moonscape. We selected the top five questions to present to you here so you don’t have to miss out on the latest developments.

1. Firstly, let’s start with Lighthouse. Can you share any more info about what's going on behind the scenes? Are there some conversations going on with projects looking to launch? And, can you also share any info on Seascape 2.0?

David - The Lighthouse is a very important part of the Seascape Ecosystem, and we have a lot of plans for how we want to leverage its potential. As some of you are aware, we had another project lined up that we were very excited about, but due to a number of issues, we felt it better to call it off in the end. There were a number of things about the project that made us feel uncertain and we didn’t want to pass that uncertainty to our users. So we took the L on that one ourselves. But now we’re working on another project that we feel extremely confident about. I can’t say when it will be ready, but let’s just say that it’ll be sooner than you think. So for those who are excited about Lighthouse - and you should stay excited - you can keep an eye out for some exciting news.

As for Seascape 2.0, in a bear market, it’s important for a blockchain based company to position itself as able not only to weather the storm, but to grow with new challenges. We have grown and shaped ourselves a lot in the past couple years. We feel that Seascape is ready to shed its cocoon and develop into something greater. So we will be undergoing a revamp of the brand over the next few months. You’ll still be able to enjoy all the minigames that you’ve been used to, but we will be expanding into new frontiers, and exploring the limits of our vision. We want to revolutionize the way the world thinks about games, and that will require taking some bold new steps.

2. It has been mentioned the Roman Scapes will be used in the MoonScape game. Will this be just in the Early Access/Open Beta seasons for testing purposes or will they be used in the Main Game? New players might find it silly to see Roman's on the moon in the Main Game imo.

Erlan - As many users already know, the Scape NFTs will become commanders of the building. This will result in a bonus to the defi earning calculated based on the Scape power and the building level.

If the player wants to get an even higher bonus, they can find what Scape character is the Captain of the building. Each building will have a specific character that will provide even more bonus. The Roman NFT are going to be the leaders and captains of the buildings.

About looking out of tone, this won’t be a problem as the game will show an astronaut design, no matter which Scape is added to the building. The terraforming of the moon was never completed and all humans must wear protective suits when settling on the moon!

3. What will bring value to the CWS token in the future? I.e. will future game devs need CWS to back their own gaming tokens released on Seascape or will they need to buy and lock a certain amount of CWS to use the Seascape SDK?

David - Seascape is the infrastructure, the platform. CWS is the pillar, the infrastructural token. We've demonstrated its potential and usage through the minigames, as well as the Lighthouse. We will continue to do these projects that users expect. CWS will see continued usage in the infrastructure ecosystems for SDKs, marketplace features, staking, and NFT Creation.

Devs aren't expected to buy and lock their own CWS in order to receive incubation to develop their game. We are more platform driven, without financial investment requirements from studios that work with us. But for that reason, we are very picky about who we use. We do, however, have some future projects that align with our goals. Their games will accept CWS as in-game token or as the foundation to an in-game token, providing further utility for CWS.

We don't believe that we would require anyone to buy and lock our product in order to provide value to the token. Rather, we think that providing utility and use cases for the token within our economy is sufficient to provide the value that we aim for. Imagine a game, and in it, you purchase a game pass, which costs, say $10. But you could also pay with CWS, but doing so will provide a discount. This kind of use case will be more and more available in future games.

4. What are some new features we can expect on Open Beta?

Erlan - Besides being open to any player without the need to stake, import city or even have a wallet, I am planning a variety of new features. As mentioned, players will be able to stake Scapes in the buildings to get bonus to the earnings. These stakes will be multichain, so they won’t have to bridge their ETH, BSC or MVR Scapes in order to stake. Moondust will be activated, with several uses. Players will be able to have 3 cities at the same time, increasing the possibilities of gameplay and earnings. And rovers and cities will be able to be minted as NFTs for trading or selling.

5. In Seascape lightpaper CWS takes a big part in Blocklords ecosystem and a lot of us bought it because of that. Will there be any connection between CWS (not Seascape) and Blocklords in future?

David - Blocklords will be a Lighthouse project, and Lighthouse is buttressed by CWS. If you want to participate in that IDO, CWS is the ticket to the IDO token launch. You'll need Lighthouse Tiers, etc which will add value to CWS. For those who have participated in the Moonscape IDO, then you're already familiar with the relationship between CWS and the new token. There will be a strong connection, rewarding users who have supported from the beginning. And in the future, if we find other opportunities for CWS users to participate financially in the BLOCKLORDS ecosystem, we will certainly use those methods and be very open about them in the community. Without you, none of this would be possible!

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