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Seascape Network is extremely proud to host BLOCKLORDS week, with our best pals over at MetaKing Studios. This medieval strategy game masterpiece came to the Seascape community to roaring applause. Lazlo, the project's community manager, gave us an in-depth introduction to the game and shares the player-driven storyline, the journey of building the BLOCKLORDS metaverse. Here we have some of the top questions summarized for your reading enrichment.

1. Many people wondered about the market's effects on you and what advantages you have for the current market? Especially for blockchain projects. If it is a DeFi project, how do you avoid entering an infinite loop?

The bear markets are never great for everyone, and will always put a slow on the funding that spawns new innovation

Luckily, games have shown themselves to be more resistant than other types of projects through bear markets, especially since the purpose of a gaming company is to build an engaging and sustainable experience for players

The same amount of new capital is still entering the space, but now investors and builders have to be more specific about what their value proposition is

BLOCKLORDS already closed their first seed raise of 15M earlier this year, and is deadset on building this grand war and strategy game, where we give players the opportunity to create their own legacy by empowering them with a medieval hero to take through the BLOCKLORDS universe and create their own legacy.

While our team started small, we now run a company that includes over 100 artists, designers, and developers who come from big-name studios like EA, Ubisoft, Paradox, Creative Assembly and more across 8 different countries.

2. When you talk about the players, who is the target audience of Blocklords? Is it Web3 enthusiasts or traditional gamers? If the latter, how do you plan to attract traditional players to a Web3 game?

For player demographic, our target audience is strategy gamers, who are typically a bit older at around age 18-35

However, the broader crypto industry's largest barrier is the lack of adoption and education on what this technology can offer. For gamers, the age benefits like "ownership" or "digital scarcity" that are passed on all the time make a lot of sense to people who have researched crypto, but traditional gamers have never had an engaging experience that really shows them how these things can be valuable

From a marketing perspective, figuring out the best way to cater to a "traditional" gaming audience is our biggest and highest priority, and comes from delivering a fun game experience first, as well as working with traditional channels and partners like GameStop or Forbes to bring the brand image to the masses

Many crypto projects are continuing to focus solely on a web3 audience and while that's very important to us, the biggest addressable market remains the traditional gamer (>95% of gamers), and where we see the most potential for BLOCKLORDS and other games of it's type to follow.

3. What is the direction of BLOCKLORDS? What is the development vision? What is the driving force behind the project? And who are the investors?

BLOCKLORDS is the Most Ambitious Strategy Game of our Age.

Our CEO David Johansson is the same founder that originally created Seascape Network, and the same brilliant minds behind that project (Nicky Li, Medet Ahmetson) are the same ones pushing BLOCKLORDS forward.

Our vision is to be the strategy game that stands the test of time, with an ongoing player-driven story that future generations are still collaborating and competing to rule. 20+ years out from now, BLOCKLORDS will have a vibrant storyline that people will continue to look back on and reference for years to come.

Some of our most notable investors include: Makers Fund, Bitkraft, Delphi Digital, Animoca, Yield Guild Games, Republic, SNACKCLUB, and more

check website footer for full list

4. Will there be any benefits for Seascape users in BLOCKLORDS or is it only Lighthouse IDO connection?

Yes, BLOCKLORDS plans on rewarding all Lighthouse tiers with early BLOCKLORDS assets. More info coming from the man himself David this Friday so be sure to tune in!

5. One of the main issues with online gaming is that at some point in time game play becomes boring. Could you share some of your BLOCKLORDS features that will keep gamers motivated and glued to your platform in the long-term?

We talk about the idea of player-ownership - All of the progression and development of your medieval hero is done through the player's in-game decisions

From deciding who they will team up with, to what kind of role they'll play as, to who they'll choose as their spouse to carry on their medieval legacy with, all of these choices affect the shared universe that all other players are playing in. So the grand story of BLOCKLORDS is never finished, there is always more riches

6. When will be the launch of V1, if it can be called that...?

Our first playable version should launch by end of this year, but limited to farming play.

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