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Coins & Gems Are Just The Beginning In PuzzleCrusher

We hope that you are enjoying the newest addition to the Seascape catalog - PuzzleCrusher.

The feedback in the first week has been overwhelmingly positive. So, first off, thanks to everyone who has already downloaded the game and followed the PuzzleCrusher team online. 

They have big things planned for release in the coming months!

Play for Rewards

We understand that the strength of our community is the foundation for building a better Web3 ecosystem. That’s why we are excited to announce that we will be introducing a series of rewards for our player base in the upcoming weeks and months. 

To qualify, if you have not already done so, go and download the game from the Apple or Google Play Store, and make sure you are following the PuzzleCrusher team on Twitter.   

The rewards are our way of thanking early adopters, as well as further supporting the continued growth of the Seascape ecosystem. Holding PermaPoints is the key to unlocking the best rewards.

If you are not already familiar with what PermaPoints are, check out our detailed breakdown What Are PermaPoints?

3 Ways to Get PermaPoints

PermaPoints are the lifeblood of the Seascape ecosystem.

There are a few ways to accumulate PermaPoints. However, whichever method you choose, it is important that you HOLD onto the PermaPoints after you receive them to be eligible for the maximum rewards.

1. Locking $CWS

Seascape recently announced its locking mechanic which lets you lock up $CWS tokens for a period of time and receive PermaPoints as a reward for providing liquidity to the ecosystem.  Start locking today to earn DOUBLE the PermaPoints.

For more on $CWS tokens, their utility and how they fit into the Seascape ecosystem, check out our ecosystem guide, Seascape Network: Overview.

2. Be a Seascape OG

Seascape has regular community challenges, events, and activities that you can participate in to receive PermaPoints. Make sure you are following the Seascape Discord, Telegram, and Twitter for these community activities and participate, not only to make friends, but to maximize your chances of earning rewards.

3. Spending $CWS

Spending $CWS in the Seascape Marketplace is another excellent way to start earning PermaPoints. The digital assets bought from the store can be used within Seascape games like BLOCKLORDS. As we begin to expand the catalog of games, those PermaPoints and digital assets will only grow in utility.

The more you hold, the more rewards you’re likely to get!

That’s it for now. Keep Hodling those PermaPoints.


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