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Community Care Report

Now that the first Early Access has completed, we wanted to take the opportunity to express our gratitude to those players who not only participated, making Early Access I a success, but also those who took their time to give us invaluable feedback, helping us improve the overall user experience. Without your support, none of this would have been possible, so we wanted to take the opportunity to express thanks, and update the community on the past, present, and future of Moonscape.

1. User Feedback Survey

Let’s take a moment to address the primary areas that will see improve in future iterations of Moonscape.

Game Mechanics & DeFi System

Many players are looking forward to seeing the thorough merging of DeFi mechanics and traditional gameplay. The first of these mechanics is already under progress, as readers of the many guides, particularly the Developer Diaries, will know. Players will have to stake a Scape NFT in their city's buildings. This will make that Scape the "captain" of the building, triggering the Bonus. At the end of the session, players will receive an additional amount of awards. The bonus percentage will be calculated considering the “value” of the mentioned Scape (quality, generation) and more importantly the level of the building. Players will have a considerable incentive to get resources and upgrade their buildings, and this will increase the earnings. This feature is being developed and will be available in a future version, no later than Open Beta.

Difficulty of the City Battles

This was one of the most discussed gaming concepts, and it drew a lot of attention with each patch. It is important to bear in mind that City Battles are meant to be difficult. Each victory means that the player is robbing resources from other players. The difficulty on these must be high in order to prevent players from losing massive amounts of their hard won resources, and maintaining balance in the game. The most recent patch for Early Access increased the time limit to two minutes, which many players said made battles more manageable.

Environmental Interaction

In the initial releases of Early Access, we were aware that the map suffered from a dearth of environmental interaction. Alien attacks are one way that we saw to it that the map had more for the players to get up to more action on the surface of the moon. We understand how vital it is to feel like you have a lot to do and experience in the game, so we'll be making the map more dynamic and engaging in future updates.

Events and Missions

Several types of missions are being created. In order to receive rewards, players will need to complete a number of missions. In addition, in order to receive additional rovers, a specific mission for that rover must be performed.

2. Major Fixes

  • Defense turret damage was greatly increased, making it impossible to stay stationary and simply spam strikes.

  • City attack time increased to two minutes, to maintain challenge, but more manageable for skilled players

  • We updated how the game fetches data, removing the fetching issue that many players experienced when attempting to upgrade or enter a building

3. What Can We Look Forward To?

Many more additions are planned for the next edition, bringing the total number of features revealed to players in the Developer Diaries and guides to a close, with some more ideas being considered in response to player comments.

In sum, Early Access was a huge success, and we appreciate all of the feedback and suggestions about the game and its features. We are excited to show our players the next version of the game and hear their useful feedback.

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