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It’s time to Mine on Sui!

The eagerly awaited moment has arrived for all Mini Miners enthusiasts as Seascape Network proudly announces the official release of Mini Miners on Sui Chain. Brace yourselves for an exhilarating experience as we bring you the same beloved idle clicker game with a host of exciting new features that will take your mining journey to greater heights.

Hourly Check-ins for Mushroom and Ore Resources:

Prepare to be rewarded daily for your dedication! With the new Hourly Check-in daily feature, you can earn an increasing amount of valuable mushroom and ore resources. Remember, the check-in resets at midnight UTC, so make sure to log in regularly and claim your rewards!

Gasless Transactions with Shinami:

We understand the importance of seamless transactions, which is why we've implemented gasless transactions through our collaboration with Shinami. Say goodbye to gas fees and enjoy a smooth and efficient gaming experience. Please note that users will need a Sui Wallet to benefit from this feature.

Exclusive Rewards for OG Users:

To show our appreciation for your unwavering support, all original Mini Miners players on BNB Chain will receive a special gift! We have taken a snapshot at 8 am UTC on May 25th, capturing your progress and ensuring you receive 100,000 mushroom and ore resources on Sui Chain. It's our way of saying thank you for being part of this incredible journey.

SUI Purchases for Enhanced Gameplay:

In line with the transition to Sui Chain, we are excited to announce that all in-game purchases will now be conducted using SUI tokens. Experience a new level of immersion as you embrace the native currency of Mini Miners on Sui Chain, enabling streamlined transactions and enhanced gameplay.

At Seascape Network, we prioritize the safety and transparency of our platform. That's why we are committed to providing a secure environment for our community. We believe in open-source principles and invite our users to examine our smart contracts and audit report.

For this initial launch of Mini Miners on Sui chain, we will not be allowing gold exchange for CWS rewards. We will instead have a number of exciting campaigns timed with the official launch coming soon, so stay tuned for ways to earn. Let's try to get enough traction on Sui that we can upgrade to more features you know and love!

Get ready to dive back into the captivating world of Mini Miners, where your mining empire awaits. Unleash your entrepreneurial spirit, gather resources, and witness the exponential growth of your empire with each click. Don't miss out on this thrilling opportunity to embark on a remarkable mining adventure!

To join the Mini Miners community on Sui Chain and experience the new features firsthand, visit our website and get started today. Let the mining frenzy begin!

Your Game Your Rules

Enjoy the Seascape

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