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Launch of the Seascape DAO

Seascape is proud to announce the launch of a brand new way for players to become intimately involved with the network, the Seascape DAO, a new governance structure aimed at taking your experience to the next level. The mission for the Seascape Governance Program is to create and maintain a gaming platform that promotes fun, innovation, and user-centric development in the web3 gaming space.

Seascape DAO is operated with a voting system, in which each individual vote will have certain requirements for users. These requirements include holding a certain amount of CWS tokens, Scapes NFTs, or other NFTs in the ecosystem. A weight system provided by Seascape Internal is used to determine how much each asset is worth in a vote. This ensures fairness and balance in the voting process. Some future votes may also be equipped with a quorum to ensure that a fair voice has been heard on the subject. Votes will take place at irregular intervals and cover everything from which games to host, to which updates to prioritize, to collaborations, and much much more.

The first round of voting will start next week, on 15 February, 2023. This voting round will include options for the next season of mini games, as well as some accompanying questions. The requirements will be limited to hodling CWS, Scapes (whose qualities will deliver weighted votes), and Anniversary NFTs. Get out there and fill those wallets, to make sure your voice is heard loudly and clearly during voting season.


Additionally, we are proud to announce the official launch of Seascape’s Anniversary NFT series. The Seascape Network Anniversary NFT series is a collection of digital collectibles that commemorate the company's milestones. Each year, a new NFT will be released, representing a different theme or aspect of the Seascape ecosystem. These NFTs will be highly limited in number, making them valuable and sought-after by collectors. They will also have utility within Seascape's games and other projects, providing players with exclusive in-game items or other perks. These NFTs are a great way for players and collectors to show off their support for Seascape Network and to own a piece of the company's history.

We will be releasing these NFTs in batches based on a set list of requirements, captured in a snapshot taken on Seascape’s second anniversary, February 1, 2023. Pay close attention to our social media, and check this document for your wallet address. Note that a single wallet will only be eligible for a single NFT, regardless of how many categories that wallet qualifies for.

Your Game, Your Rules

Enjoy the Seascape

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