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Livestream Recruitment Program is On NOW!

Greetings Settlers of the Moon!

You are a Moonscape fan? Do you enjoy gaming as much as we do? Love sharing your knowledge of Crypto with others and can’t wait to play DeFi games on stream? Enjoy tabletop RPGs, or want to contribute to ongoing Moonscape lore? Have we got some good news for you! Moonscape is now recruiting fresh blood to join this family and hop on Binance Streaming platform with us to start streaming and gaming!

Roleplay Recruitment

Recruiting Ready and Willing Roleplayers!

💥We will be streaming on both the Moonscape game and an accompanying Moonscape TTRPG on Binance Live! Sign up below to find out how you can join in on the action!

We want YOU to join us on stream for a riveting round of Moonscape! Sign up by filling out this form and paying close attention to our Telegram, Discord, and Twitter channels! We will need quite a few people, so the more the merrier! Please sign up and tell your friends! We want to pack our stream with interesting people who are interested in a journey!

👇Some rewards for streaming with us👇

➡️ Free boost of your account (each stream averages over 1k viewers)

➡️ In-game rewards

➡️ Premium bonuses

➡️ Social promo support from Seascape & Moonscape

➡️ Chance of 1 on 1 talk with core team members

➡️ A chance to build the ongoing lore of Moonscape

Sign up today! Fill Out Your Recruitment Form

Moonscape is one of the hottest, most exciting DeFi games to be released this year. If you’re not playing it, you’re missing out. Colonize a future moon, and experience the truest union of DeFi and traditional gaming mechanics known to the metaverse!

Join Moonscape Official Social Media to get regular updates and a lot more exciting news that you won’t want to miss!

Moonscape Website || Moonscape Twitter || Moonscape Telegram || Moonscape FAQ

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