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Mini Miners Dao Vote

The Seascape DAO is gearing up for its second vote, and this time it's all about the upcoming Mini Miners Mine NFT sale. As one of the hottest releases in the Seascape ecosystem, the Mini Miners have been eagerly anticipated by gamers and NFT enthusiasts alike. With the release just around the corner, the Seascape community is being asked to vote on key decisions that will shape the future of this exciting project. From pricing and distribution to community involvement, the Seascape DAO will play a critical role in determining the future of the platform.

The second vote for the Seascape DAO is coming up, and it will be focused on the much-anticipated Mini Miners Mine NFT sale. In this vote, Seascape users will determine the location of the sale, which will either take place on the Lighthouse or on the Scape Store. Each location will have a different sale format, which will impact how users can acquire the Mine NFTs. If the sale takes place on the Lighthouse, users can acquire a Tier based on their interaction with the ecosystem (levels 0-3) and passing the KYC, and starting from the highest Tier, will have the opportunity to acquire Mine NFTs at a pre-set price. On the other hand, if the sale takes place on the Scape Store, each round will have a timer, and the price of the Mine NFTs will increase after each round. Both sale formats offer unique opportunities for Seascape users to get their hands on these coveted Mini Miners Mine NFTs. Stay tuned for the second DAO vote and be sure to participate in the decision-making process.

The weight system for the votes are also updated this time around. The relevant assets this time will include Crowns, Anniversary Scapes, Mine NFTs, and Lighthouse NFTs. As the vote will begin soon make sure to remove your mines from Mini Miners immediately so that they are in your wallet and can be used in the vote!

CWS 1 1

SAGS 1 2000

MINES 1 1000


Check back in with us soon to learn a detailed breakdown of the process of the chosen sale format, including prices, times, etc. Also, we’ll dig more into the specifics of the Mine NFTs, and what you can look forward to in the future of the DAO, right here at Seascape Network!

Your Game, Your Rules

Enjoy the Seascape

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