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Mini Miners Early Access Rewards

Mini Miners Early Access is proving to be a great success! Every day, players across the planet login to command their army of miniature excavators to get out there and fill their coffers with resources! While Early Access is only one step toward Mini Miner’s full version, it’s been extremely important in learning user behaviors as well as improving the game’s user experience. For this and more reasons, we are proud to announce rewards for the users who have helped us get this far, you the players!

As we gear up for Open Beta / Full Release, we want to put the power of knowledge in the hands of the users. Open Beta will see more features, such as unlocking of the higher powered miners, hiring the manager, diamond recharge system, and the coveted Gold to CWS trade among others. At the end of Early Access, all players will start over with a fresh slate, but never fear! You’ll all have some amazing and hefty rewards to get you started on your mining journey!

Top Player Rewards

Player ranks will be based on total resources mined over the course of Early Access. So all resources, mushrooms, ore, and gold will be measured. Players will then receive real rewards with real value to get started on the next phase of the adventure.

The top player over all will receive their very own reskin of the House! You will be the only player on earth to have your own customized House skin in Mini Miners!

But that’s not all, top first place will also receive 1500 diamonds, 1000 Crowns, AND an Epic Gold Mine NFT!

The top 2nd place will receive 1000 diamonds, 500 Crowns, and a Rare Gold Mine NFT!

The top 3rd place will receive 500 diamonds, 150 Crowns, and a Special Gold Mine NFT!

These top place prizes will get you off to a mighty start in our coming full release!

As for the rest of you, your efforts are greatly appreciated and you will also receive compensatory rewards! Take a look at the chart below to see what you’re aiming for!

Rank 1 - Approx 18-20 days in game / 10 days of mining

Gold - 24000

Ore - 48000

Mushrooms - 48000

Diamonds - 390

Legendary Item

Rank 2 - 15-18 days in game / 8 days of mining

Gold - 19200

Ore - 38400

Mushrooms - 38400

Diamonds - 90

Epic Item

Rank 3 - 13 to 15 days in game / 6 days of mining

Gold - 14400

Ore - 28800

Mushrooms - 28800

Diamonds - 90

Rare Item

Rank 4 - 10 to 12 days in game / 4 days of mining

Gold - 9600

Ore - 19200

Mushrooms - 19200

Diamonds - 30

Rare Item

Rank 5 - 7 to 9 days in game / 2 days of mining

Gold - 4800

Ore - 9600

Mushrooms - 9600

Diamonds -30

Special Item

Rank 6 - 5 to 7 days in game / 36 hours of mining

Gold - 3600

Ore - 7200

Mushrooms -7200

Rank 7 - 3 to 4 days in game / 24 hours of mining

Gold - 2400

Ore - 4800

Mushrooms - 4800

Rank 8 - 1 to 2 days in game / 18 hours of mining

Gold - 1800

Ore - 3600

Mushrooms - 3600

Rank 9 - 12 to 23 hours in game / 12 hours of mining

Gold - 1200

Ore - 2400

Mushrooms - 2400

Rank 10 - 1 to 11 hours in game / 2 hours of mining

Gold - 200

Ore - 400

Mushrooms - 400

Use these resources to make your mini mining venture into something out of this world! Remember that Gold can be used for trading on the in-game market, as well as exchanging for sweet, sweet Crowns! Gold rewards are a *special exclusive* reward for Early Access players! Get them while the getting is good!

Stay tuned for:

  • More info about the coming phases of Mini Miners

  • A chance to give your feedback on Mini Miners Early Access and win rewards for doing so!

  • More great games you know and love!

Your Game. Your Rules.

Enjoy the Seascape.

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