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Mini Miners Now Live

Mini Miners, the beloved resource mining strategy game, has undergone a major overhaul and is back with a vengeance. The relaunch of Mini Miners promises to deliver an even more thrilling gaming experience that will keep you on the edge of your seat. With the addition of idle mechanics, players are also able to collect resources and build their mining empire even when they're away from the game. Whether you're a seasoned player or new to the genre, Mini Miners is guaranteed to provide endless hours of entertainment and satisfaction as you work your way up the ranks and become the ultimate mining tycoon. So, get ready to put on your hard hat and dig deep, as Mini Miners is now available.


Though who participated in Early Access will notice when they log in that they have been rewarded with Early Access participation rewards. Check out our reward structure to see what you should be looking forward to!

What’s New?

  1. Premium Currency - Diamonds

In this new and improved version of Mini Miners, players have the option to purchase premium resources in the form of Diamonds. Diamonds can be obtained through buying Diamond Packs which come with a fixed amount of diamonds. These packs have a 24 hour cooldown before they can be purchased again. Upon purchasing a diamond pack, the resources are immediately obtained. In addition, there are two packs that can only be bought once per account, as stated in the description. The currency used to purchase these packs is CWS.

  1. Swap Gold for CWS

Players now have the option to trade gold for CWS. However, there is a transaction limit of once per week. This means that once the trade is made, the gold is deleted from the game and CWS is added to the player's wallet. This limitation ensures that the in-game economy remains balanced and fair for all players.

  1. Resource Packs

In the latest version of Mini Miners, players have the opportunity to get packs that contain ore, mushrooms, diamonds, and other special items. The resources and items are obtained immediately, with the currency used to purchase these packs being BUSD. Each package has a specific cooldown time, which means that players will have to wait a specified period before they can purchase that same package again. This new feature adds another layer of strategy to the game and allows players to grow their mining communities and stock up on valuable resources.

  1. Purchase Miners

The latest version of Mini Miners has introduced a new feature where players can buy a miner instantly with diamonds. This feature is different from the traditional "unlock" option, where players would need to meet certain requirements before being able to access a new miner, though mushrooms are still necessary to hire the miner once unlocked. With this new feature, players can obtain miners immediately, without waiting periods or the extra use of mushrooms. The "buy" button will only appear when the maximum cap of miners hasn't been reached and will disappear once the limit is reached.

  1. Manager

Now that players can buy diamonds, they will now have the option to hire the manager. Once hired, purchase Orders to automatically recover a miner after his stamina runs out, and also send him back to the same mine he was working on. The manager can also increase the miner’s cap, allowing the player to have more and more miners.

  1. Pets.

No mini village is complete without a little companion bug to keep your miners’ spirits uplifted! Use diamonds to unlock new pets like a brand new beetle or six-legged spider for all your pet needs.

In conclusion, Mini Miners is a great addition to the world of resource mining strategy games and idle clickers. With the ability to trade gold for CWS, purchase packs with valuable resources and items, and instantly buy miners with diamonds, the game offers an engaging and unique experience for players. The addition of a button to instantly purchase miners and a specific cooldown time for each package only adds to the excitement of the game. We encourage all those interested in resource mining strategy games and idle clickers to give Mini Miners a try and start playing today. So, what are you waiting for? Get started and see where your mining adventures take you!

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