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Mini Mines NFT Lighthouse Sale

Updated: Jun 30

Unveiling a World of Rarity and Excitement

Prepare for an extraordinary opportunity as the highly anticipated Mini Mines NFT sale is set to take place on the Lighthouse Launchpad. Delve into a realm of five distinct Mine Qualities, ranging from Common to Legendary, and experience the thrill of two unique sale aspects: the Random Allotment Pool and the Auction Pool. Brace yourself for an exhilarating journey where rarity and chance intertwine, offering participants a chance to secure exclusive NFTs and increase their gold mining potential!

Random Allotment Pool: Unlock the Treasures of Chance

In this phase, participants will have the opportunity to claim one of three tiers (1-3) to qualify for the lottery. Each tier has specific tasks that need to be completed, with the exception of Tier 0, which is the starting point.

The Random Allotment Phase presents a diverse pool of NFTs divided by quality:

  • 75 Legendary Mines (450 USDT) in Tier 3 Lottery

  • 150 Epic Mines (250 USDT) in Tier 2 Lottery

  • 400 Rare Mines (150 USDT) in Tier 1 Lottery

The Random Allotment Pool comprises two phases: the Registration/Claim Phase and the Prefund/Lottery Phase. During the Registration/Claim Phase, which lasts for three days, users can create an account and claim their desired tiers. The Prefund/Random Allotment Phase commences 24 hours after the Registration/Claim Phase. Allotments are conducted for each tier separately, starting from Tier 3. If a user is unsuccessful in their tier, their wallet is automatically entered into the next lower tier lottery, except for Tier 1, which is the final tier. Users will be notified if they have won a specific tier and will have the opportunity to prefund based on their success.

The Random Allotment Phase spans 24 hours, followed by the Prefund Phase, allowing users to initiate smart contracts and fund their wallets within the specified time frame. Failure to fund within the designated time will result in the reserved NFTs moving to the Auction Pool.

Auction Pool: Unleash Your Bidding Power

The Auction Pool commences 24 hours after the Prefund/Random Allotment Phase, offering all registered participants a chance to secure NFTs through competitive bidding. The Auction Pool features a reserved amount of 30 NFTs (5 Legendary, 10 Epic, 15 Rare), along with any unfunded NFTs from the lottery pool.

In this phase, participants can submit a single bid per wallet using CWS tokens. The top 30 bids will be rewarded with NFTs based on their bid position and the total CWS bid. For instance:

  • Positions 1-5 will receive Legendary Mines

  • Positions 6-15 will receive Epic Mines

  • Positions 16-30 will receive Rare Mines

Additionally, the first 100 successful bidders will be awarded Special Mines, while all successful bidders will receive a Common Mine. The minimum bid amount is set at 5 CWS, and all CWS bids will be burned.

Airdrop and Conclusion: Embrace Your Triumph

Within 48 hours after the auction pool concludes, all successful participants will receive their NFTs through airdrops. Unveil the treasures you have secured and celebrate your triumph as you become part of the Mini Mines legacy.

Join us in this thrilling journey of rarity and chance as the Mini Mines NFT Lighthouse Sale redefines the landscape of blockchain gaming. Don't miss your chance to claim exclusive NFTs and embark on a new adventure in the world of Mini Miners.

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