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Mobile Game Puzzle Crusher Launches on Seascape Network

We are extremely proud and excited to announce the release of the newest title in the Seascape gaming catalog -- Puzzle Crusher.

What is Puzzle Crusher?

Puzzle Crusher is a casual mobile game that challenges players across 200 brain-busting levels. Players collect keys and move across level maps as ground tiles fall out behind them. Every move counts and each level is unique, challenging players to strategically plan their route ahead so they don't end up stranded on a lone tile.

The free-to-download mobile game rewards players with in-game currencies (gold and diamonds), which can be redeemed for tools to help with the more difficult levels. Players can also use in-game currencies to purchase skins and magical powers.

Out of Pocket Puzzle-Solving in Web3

Puzzle Crusher has a number of features that separate it from the rest of the casual mobile gaming landscape. It is built specifically to integrate a play-to-earn model that rewards players with real-world value for their gameplay time. The tokens and NFTs that players earn can be utilized within the game or staked, sold, burned, or traded on external marketplaces.

One of the most impressive features of Puzzle Crusher is its user-generated levels and skins. Players get access to a unique AI-driven level creation tool kit for creating original Puzzle Crusher levels and playable characters. You can design your own content, mint them as NFTs, and share in the revenue they create across the Puzzle Crusher universe.

The game is set to redefine how players engage with casual gaming, allowing them to be active participants in the expansion of the world they play in.  However, at its very core, it is a game that remains accessible to everyone who wants to play, no matter their skill or interest in NFTs.

Start Crushing Today

Head over to the App store or website to download the game and get started today! Don’t forget to follow Puzzle Crusher on Twitter (X) to be eligible for early airdrops, and to stay up to date on the latest developments, and most popular user-generated content.

Puzzle Crusher is currently live on the Apple and Google Play Stores, with the $PZL Token Generation Event set for August 1st, 2024.

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