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Moonscape Dev Diary #1 - Buildings & Functions Pt 1

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

Welcome ladies, gentlemen, and extraterrestrials to the Moonscape Dev Diary. Here, we will discuss game features, updates, and how everything works in the exciting retro future world of Moonscape!

Let’s start with the basics: buildings and their functions.

When you launch the game for the first time, your rover will appear next to an empty base, ready to be colonized. A message will prompt asking you if you want to start a base there. Accept the request to go immediately inside your brand new city.

Note: Moondust, which we will discuss in a later post, is a work in progress, and a few details may change in the final release.

Cities and buildings

There will be 5 empty slots inside each city, and a total of 3 cities per account. Each city will have a total of 8 different types of buildings to choose from to go into your city slots.

Seven of the 8 types of buildings will contain two different types of function, one will be a DeFi function, and the other a gameplay function. DeFi functions allow you to earn for your time spent in game, otherwise known as Play-to-Earn or P2E. Your gameplay function will allow you to improve various aspects of your cities, from defense to resource extraction and more. These functions are how you will grow your empire!

Additionally, there is an additional building outside of the dual function paradigm. This is the Construction Complex. In it, you will be able to obtain the extremely useful resource Moondust (more on that later).

Functions of each building

Now let's explore the function lineup for each building.

Building Name : DeFi Function - Gameplay Function

  1. Transaction Square : Single Token Staking - Rover Research

  2. The Refinery: NFT Staking - City Defense

  3. Industry Inc.: Single Token Staking - Resource Extraction

  4. Resource Corp: LP Staking and Mining Research

  5. Power Plant: NFT Staking - Resource Extraction

  6. Asset Mill: LP Staking - Rover Research

  7. Capital Forge: LP Staking - Mining Research.

  8. Construction Complex: Burn MSCP - Stake MSCP for Moondust.

As you may have noticed, some buildings will have the repeat functions. The reason for this is that most functions need to be built several times in order to obtain all the available possibilities of said function. For example, there may be 5 Single Staking pools, each with a different token. If you want to stake each in each of those pools, you will need to construct buildings that have the “Single Token Staking” function 5 times.

Stay tuned next time for more information on how each function will work! We can't wait to see what you come up with.

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