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Moonscape Dev Diary 10: Resource Deep Dive Pt 2

Updated: May 6, 2022

Welcome back for the second half of last week’s deep dive! We want to get down to the nitty gritty about Mining Research! This function is what improves your extractor’s ability to do its job and is available in the Capital Forge and Resource Corp buildings. Like with extractor construction (explained last week), the function will be empty until you select the extractor you want to improve. First, you will need to select which resource extractor you want to improve by selecting the resource icon. Immediately you will see 3 aspects on which the extractor can be improved: Durability, Construction time and Extraction amount.

As previously mentioned, Durability refers to the longevity of the work life of the machine. For example if the durability at level 1 is 300, this means that type of extractor will last for 5 hours before breaking down. The higher the level, the longer it can do its job. The good news is that your first extractor, as a gift from the Earth, has infinite shelf life and will continue to work for as long as you wish it to.

Construction time refers to how long it takes for the machine to be built on the map. As you may have guessed, the higher the level, the faster it will be built. Again, this does not affect the first extractor, as that one will always have around a minute of construction time.

Extraction amount refers to how fast your machinery can extract its given resource resource. To take an example, at level 1 that particular resource type can extract 100 units per hour, but at level 5 it may extract up to 2000 per hour.

And finally we have the City defense core function. This can only be found in The Refinery building, and that building can only be constructed once per city. Although the city battle system only actively involves the attacker, the defender can prepare in advance with all the defenses found in this core function.

The function labeled Dome will increase the time the dome of your city is able to protect it during an attack. The Dome will not only increase time, but decrease the time for the attack to land a hit.

Damage will increase the amount of damage inflicted by the defense turrets, causing great havoc with each hit to the attacking rover.

Range will determine how far the attacking rover can be from the turret for it to detect enemy rovers and attack. At lower levels the rover will need to be close, but at higher level there is no place to hide from the turret onslaught.

Speed increases how fast the defensive turrets fire. Starting with every few seconds, this function will turn the battlefield into a bullet hell on higher levels.

Hidden mine is an interesting one. If you go to any of your cities with The Refinery built, you will see the Mine button on the top left corner. Once pressed, you will be moved to the city battlefield area. There you will be able to position your hidden mines anywhere a rover could move during city battles, by pressing the mine button. Once you select a spot you want, confirm and the mine will be placed in that location. If during a city attack the enemy rover pases over the hidden mine, they cannot see them, an explosion will occur, heavily damaging the enemy. The amount of mines you can deploy at the same time is equal to the level of the skill.

This concludes today’s Dev Diaries! We will be back next week with even more information about the hottest DeFi of the year. Let us know what you’re looking forward to! See you next week!

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