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Moonscape Dev Diary #2 - Buildings & Functions Pt 2

Updated: May 6, 2022

We’re back with double trouble this week, bringing you a brand new installment of the Moonscape Dev diaries. This time we’ll pick up from where we left off with some more information on how buildings and functions work. This knowledge will help you get ready for the true Moonscape experience!

Burn MSCP and Stake MSCP for Moondust

Want to get your hands on some Moondust? This is one way to stake to earn! Burn or stake MSCP in exchange for Moondust rewards. Be aware however that this feature is only available in the Construction Complex building, which can only be constructed once per account.

Moondust is the premium currency in this world with a variety of uses including improving DeFi features and speeding up cooldown times. To get your hands on a hefty amount of it, you will have two options. First, you can spend MSCP, the game's official Token. This process is simple: just spend MSCP and obtain an amount of Moondust proportional to the amount spent. The other option is to stake MSCP. This one will generate a small amount of Moondust, but you can withdraw the MSCP at the end of the season. Intelligent players will find ways to put both to use to increase their gains!

DeFi Features

Players can look forward to 3 tried-and-tested DeFi features during the first season of the game: Single Token Staking, NFT Staking, LP Staking.

Here’s the short version of events:

Single Staking is available in Transaction Square and Industry Inc.

LP Staking is available in Resource Corp, Asset Mill and Capital Forge.

NFT Staking available in The Refinery and Power Plant.

Long time fans will recognize these options as similar to the pools you can find on Seascape. Stake your tokens or LP and yield some sweet rewards over a period of time. And as always, the more you stake, the higher the rewards. NFT staking works similarly but instead of staking a crypto token, you stake Scape NFTs, and the higher the quality and lower the generation, the better the rewards you can rake in.

In Moonscape, however, pool distribution works somewhat differently. When you are about to construct a building, you may notice it says, for example, Single Token Staking, but it doesn’t say what single token you will be able to stake. This is because when you build, the game will assign at random a pool from the options available. So how does that work exactly? Let’s take a deeper look.

Let’s assume for the sake of argument that the pools available for that season in the Single Staking category are MSCP, CWS and GLMR, and that all which will reward CWS. Let’s say you decide to build the Industry Inc. building in one of your cities. In the selection screen it will say that one of the functions is Single Stake token, but not which one. You go through with the construction and once it’s finished, the game will assign one of the tokens at random. Congratulations, spacefarer. This time you’ll be staking MSCP. But what if you didn’t get the token that you’d wanted… There’s only one solution: build more!

Stay tuned for the conclusion to this saga later this week! Find out more about how you build and improve your cities and conquer the moon!

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