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Moonscape Dev Diary #3 - Buildings & Functions Pt 3

Updated: May 6, 2022

Greetings earthlings! We are here with the final installment of the first trilogy from the Moonscape Dev diaries. By the end of this entry, you should have a pretty decent idea of how buildings and functions work. Time to turn on the hyperdrive and speed away to the Moon!

Rover research

Available in Transaction Square and Asset Mill.

In this section, we will explore the gameplay functionality of each of the buildings. Rover Research is the one you will use to improve your rover skills. The rovers each have 6 skills divided into 3 categories: Offense, Precision and Durability. When you construct a building with the “Rover Research” function, you need to select which one of the 3 categories you want to assign to that building.

Offense allows you to improve Attack, causing you to inflict higher damage when attacking rival cities or aliens. Meanwhile, Rate of Fire (RoF) allows for faster attack and less delay between onslaughts.

Precision will open the upgrades for Accuracy that will make it easier for you to hit the target, and do critical damage. And finally you have Missiles, special super weapons that are stronger than normal attacks.

Finally, Resistance is all about survival, with Durability making your rover more resistant to damage. Speed helps you to move faster throughout the map as well as attacking cities.

City Defenses

Available only in The Refinery.

When another player attacks your city, the gameplay is in the hands of the attacker, but that doesn’t mean you cannot be prepared!

Using the City Defenses function you can boost several aspects of the defenses of your city, repelling would-be invaders with your firepower. There is only one building with this function, The Refinery, and such function must be built once per city. Without this building, your city won’t be able to improve its defenses, meaning that every defensive skill will remain at level 1.

What you will need to know in regards to your city defenses is as follows:

- Dome, which reduces the interval of time during which the city is unprotected;

- Damage, which will increase the damage inflicted by your defensive turrets;

- Range will make the distance of fire of your turrets longer, rending them able to reach the enemy rover no matter where they are;

- Speed will turn the battlefield into a bullet hell, showering your opening with unstoppable blasts;

-Hidden Mines, will put a number of mines on the field that the enemy won’t be able to see, and once they step on them, doom is almost certain.

Mining Research

Available in Resource Corp and Capital Forge.

In order to obtain resources, you will need to use excavators to extract them from the resource points. These excavators can also be improved, and this is the function that can make that happen. When you construct a building with this function, you need to select one type of excavator you would like to assign to that building. There are in total 4 types of excavators, one for each resource type.

In order to improve the excavators, you will increase their level, rather than increasing individual features. Each level will improve the excavator in 3 areas: the limit of how much of that resource it can extract before you need to go and retrieve it, the length of the Construction time to finish building the excavator in the field, and finally the Extraction Speed of the excavator, meaning how fast in can extract the resource from its point.

Resource Extraction

Available in Industry Inc. and Power Plant.

At the beginning of the game, you will start with one excavator per resource type, for a total of 4. But soon you will notice that there are many resource spots around the map. In order to obtain more excavators and therefore more resources, you will need to construct buildings with the Resource Extraction feature.

Inside the function you will find 4 slots for 4 excavators in total. These slots will be unlocked when you level up the building, second slot at level 3, third slot at level 6, and final fourth slot at level 9.

Once the slot is open, you will be able to build a new excavator and use it for resource extraction. But do not abandon it in the field, as these new excavators will have limited durability, and can only last for a period of time. Once the excavator is in the field, you will have several options. You can go and retrieve it to re-deploy in another resource point, or go to this function and repair it. If you forget to repair, you will be able to build it again, but the cost for building a new one is higher than repairing a broken one. If your excavator reaches 0 Durability, it won’t disappear from the field, but will remain there on stand by until you go and retrieve it.

You should now have a better understanding of the features of Moonscape and know how to plan your building strategy ahead of the launch of the game! We can’t wait to see what magic you come up with on your path toward Moon domination!

See you next week!

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