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Moonscape Dev Diary #7: Hop into your Rover!

Updated: May 6, 2022

Welcome back to the Moonscape developer diaries! We sure hope you missed us as much as we missed you!

In this latest entry, we will explore the sleek and stylish skills that your Rover will possess. We’ll discuss what exactly they do, and in what buildings you can upgrade them to the max.

Each Rover has a total of 8 skills, divided into 4 categories. Each category will impact your Rovers performance in those key areas. In order to upgrade these skills, you will need to build the Asset Mill and/or Transaction Square buildings, as they are the only ones that include the Rover Research Core Function.

Each rover must be upgraded individually rather than upgrading them all at once. Upgrading is hard work after all, and your building will be very busy! If you upgrade a skill, that upgrade will only apply to the rover equipped at that time.

Skills are divided into categories, each one containing 2 skills: Offense contains Attack and Rate of Fire, Resistance contains Speed and Defense, Precision contains Range and Accuracy, and Weapons contain Missiles and Railgun.

To upgrade these skills, first select the Rover you want to improve in the Garage section of the Space Hub. Next go to the building that has the Rover Research function you wish to use. Be aware that each upgrade will cost resources. Most skills cost the same amount of resources per level, but the Missiles and Railgun are much more expensive to improve, so plan ahead!

Now let’s take a look at each one of those skills.

In the Offense category we have Attack and Rate of Fire.

Attack determines the amount of damage you inflict when fighting aliens or attacking cities. The higher the level, the greater the amount of damage you unleash on your victims!

Rate of Fire determines how fast you can attack. In city battles, after each attack you will have to wait a couple of seconds before you can attack again. This skill reduces the amount of cooldown time.

Let’s move to the Resistance category, which includes Speed and Defense.

Speed controls how fast you move, both on the map as well as in the City Battles, which is specially useful when you try to avoid turrets. Be quick and nimble if you want to protect yourself!

Defense improves the amount of damage your rover can withstand before being destroyed. It goes without saying that you’ll want this to be high so you can take a licking and keep on ticking!

In the Precision category we have Range and Accuracy.

Range will help you attack buildings from farther, safer distances. During a City Attack, if you select a building and then stray too far away from it, you won’t be able to attack it at all. But by improving your rover’s Range skill, the distance you’ll be able to attack will increase. Bring buildings to their knees from far away!

Accuracy will make it easier for you to land a shot or even a critical attack. When you are attacking both aliens and Cities, you will need to aim for the triangle in the bar. If your timing is perfect, in the very middle of the triangle, you will land a critical hit dealing more damage. The Accuracy skill will increase the size of the triangle making the attack easier as the level increases.

And now we move to the Weapons, specifically the Missiles and Railgun.

Missiles are very powerful weapons that not only inflict more damage than regular rockets, but also have the ability to bypass the Dome protecting the cities. The amount per battle is limited so be careful! If you try to use it but fail to hit your target, the missile will be lost. The higher the skill level, the more missiles you can use per battle.

The fastest weapon is the Railgun. This lighting flash attack will immediately attack the building objective when the button is pressed. No need to aim, just press and the railgun system will do the rest! This weapon can be blocked by the Dome, so you still need to attack at the right time. Same as with the missiles, the amount of uses per battle is limited, and upgrading the skill will increase the amount.

So are you feeling more confident about piloting your Rover across the surface of the Moon? We hope you’re as geared up as we are, as we want to see how crazy you get with your builds! Don’t forget that all rovers can be turned into NFTs, so level them up like crazy! They not only are your key to the surface, but can become excellent tools for acquiring profit! The possibilities are endless!

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