Moonscape Dev Diary #8: Getting Ready for Battle!

Updated: May 6

We’re back with another installment in the Moonscape Dev Diaries! It is time to take a deeper look at the battle systems that you will use to conquer the Moon’s frozen surface.

As you are probably already aware, you will find deadly aliens slithering through the depths of the moon. They hide beneath the surface waiting for your rover to draw near. And when the time is right, they burst forth ready to attack!

These aliens can be found on the map in two ways. Some may randomly appear while exploring. The aliens found this way are what we call easy to medium difficulty aliens, which while still a challenge, can be defeated with good accuracy during battle.

The other surface enemy is the hard difficulty aliens. These fearsome foes appear only when you try to get close to a big resource point, and they can be very tricky to deal with.

To attack, press the Spacebar on the keyboard when the moving triangle is in the same position as the fixed triangle. If you manage to match up their positions, your rover will attack successfully. If not, your rover will fail the attack. If you press Space in the exact moment when the triangle is at the very center of the fixed one, you will deal critical damage!

In order to make this action easier, you will want to increase the Accuracy of your rover, using the Rover Research Core Function.

Next up, let’s take a glance at city battles. In order to start, you will need to explore the map and find the city of a rival player. After you enter, you will find the Attack button on the screen. But don’t rush to attack yet! Survey what cities exist and consider carefully before attacking.

When you knock a building’s HP down to zero in another city, you will receive an amount of resources raided from the player you are attacking. By clicking on any of the buildings of that rival city, you will see the amount of resources each building possesses.

Now it’s time to raid!

In the battle scenario you will need to avoid getting shot by the defensive turrets protecting the city. The whole city is also protected by a Dome that will block most of your attacks. You need to aim your rockets so when you attack, the Dome is not protecting the city.

The way you attack is similar to attacking aliens, but instead of pressing the Spacebar, you press and hold, releasing when the triangle is in the right position. The city battle has a time limit, and you must destroy at least one building before time is up in order to loot resources. Importantly, you must survive the battle if you want to keep the resources!

City battles present many variables that you will need to consider while attacking. All the rover skills will affect your rover when attacking a city: extra damage, more speed, being able to attack a specific building from a longer distance, etc. Also, you will be able to use the two weapons explained in a previous diary entry: missiles and railgun.

The owner of the defending city doesn’t actively participate in the battle, but they are not defenseless, far from it! Using the Core Function City Defense you will be able to upgrade your defenses. This includes: longer and faster Dome time, stronger turrets, and even surprise mines that will be hidden in the battle map, rendering the attacker unable able to see until it is too late.

Has this been helpful for those of you who are excited to take to the Moon? Are you ready to leap into battle and conquer the land? We can’t wait to see what you come up with! And we’ll catch you this time next week!

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