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Moonscape Dev Diary #9: Resource Deep Dive

Updated: May 6, 2022

Welcome back to an exciting new entry of the Moonscape Dev Diaries! There are many buildings and core functions in the game, and this time around we want to take a closer look at each one that has not been fully discussed as of yet.

Let’s start with Resource Extraction, a central function that you will use to gather resources spread out across the surface of the moon. This core function is available in the Industry Inc and Power plant buildings. The first time you select either of these buildings, you will find the function empty. Initially, you will need to choose which resource you want to build extractors for by selecting the resource icon.

You then will see several slots available to build more extractors. The amount of slots depends on the level of the building: 2 at level 3, 3 at level 6 and all 4 at level 10. The first slot corresponds to the initial machine for extraction. You will start with one extractor even if you don’t construct any building with this function.

There are two types of machine extractors. One is the initial one you receive for starting your colony. It doesn’t need any repairs or construction, unlike the other 3, which will require construction. The machinery on slots 2, 3 and 4th are different. You need first to build them, as they won’t be available by default like the first one. These machines have durability, which means that the usability of the machine will decrease with time.

Therefore, you will have two options. Repair the machine before the durability reaches 0, or wait until the machine breaks and build another one. Both options will require the consumption of resources, and while repairing is cheaper, you need to do it before the durability runs out. But if you were worried about resource loss, you can rest your fears. If your machine’s durability sinks to 0, it will simply stop extracting until you go retrieve the resources, at which point it will break, and you will need to build a new one

Next week, we’ll take a deep dive into another function that you will definitely want to dig deep into! As the time draws ever nearer, we are all growing increasingly excited about one of the biggest DeFi games of the year. Get ready to go to the Moon with Moonscape!

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