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Moonscape Early Access 2 Is Ending

A great chapter has come to an end, but a new one is just around the corner! Our Moonscape Early Access 2 will end this Sunday at 10 a.m. UTC time. Here is some important information you do not want to miss:

  • Check each of your buildings and withdraw all the staked tokens. Go to your buildings and click the Defi function page and there’ll be a button called “WITHDRAW” at the bottom.

  • If your Moonscape CITY NFT was imported:

Go to the space hub via the menu bar at the top right corner, and select “Cities” - “Export”

  • If your MSCP were staked:

  • Go to the space hub via the menu bar at the top right corner, and select “Profile” - “Unlock” to unstake your MSCP.

  • After it’s done, refresh the page to exit the game. Please note that you will not be able to enter the game again and if you try to enter the game afterward, it will display “Session is Ended”.

A piece of exciting news for everyone! Open Beta is coming next, and it will be open for everyone! It is free to play on Moonbeam blockchain. You can play it as a traditional game with Defi functions in it. You will also be able to mint your own City and Rovers NFTs! Thank you to everyone who played and enjoyed Early Access 1 & 2, we will be looking forward to seeing you again at the Moonscape Open Beta! Stay tuned to all of our official socials to keep up with all the latest news!

Moonscape Website|| Moonscape Twitter|| Moonscape Telegram|| Moonscape FAQ

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