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Moonscape Early Access Phase 2: Now Live!

The hottest gamefi project this side of Mars is coming back for a riveting second season! Starting today, and going for 60 days, Moonscape Early Access Phase 2 is ready for action!

There’s so much new this time around, it’s going to blow the lid off this space rocket. So buckle up tight and get your engines into gear! Let’s explore what’s new with Moonscape!


Go to the Moonscape homepage and click PLAY NOW. From here, all access requirements will be available on the Login page.

In order to play Moonscape, you’ll need to settle a city. There are two methods to settlement:

  • Get a CityNFT (for instance, on the Scape Store) and import your city.

  • Stake 800k MSCP for the duration of the session and create a city upon entry.


There’s a brand new opportunity to learn once you’ve started! There’s a tutorial. In it, you’ll learn about city and building creation, resource extraction, as well as alien & city attacks. Never worry again about not understanding what to do while you’re on the moon again!

DeFi Mechanics

Now your cities are fully equipped with DeFi staking pools to let you get in on all the action! Look forward to three Single Token pools (CWS, MSCP, & RIB) along with four LP staking pools (MSCP-GLMR, MSCP-USDT, CWS-GLMR, RIB-GLMR) that will reward you with tokens to keep your wallet happy even in this market. Note: While there are only three different single token staking pools, four different buildings have single token staking pools. This means that even with four different buildings, you can only have a max of three pools. But they’re all worth getting in on! So be on the lookout!

Second City

Now, instead of just one city, you can build a second city! You can import a City NFT and then build one from scratch, or build two from scratch! The first one will be free if you stake MSCP, while the second will require you to get out there and collect some resources.


Now, players can look forward to missions to help guide you on your quest for total moon dominance! Come and enjoy Daily Missions, which must be completed each day, as the name suggests. Complete a certain number and get rewards for your effort! Likewise, you can look forward to Seasonal missions that will offer rewards individually for completed tasks, as well as offering a high level rover if you manage to finish them completely!

But that’s not all. Beginner missions allow absolute beginners to explore the basics of the game. Complete a given number of missions to receive some sweet rewards. Finally, there are rover missions that allow you to obtain access to alternative rovers! There are a total of 8 rovers in the game, so you don’t want to miss out on any of them!

Everything Else

Here are a few extra bits of information on changes you can look forward to in this new and improved Early Access version!

  • Killing aliens will give resource rewards to the player

  • Notifications for when your attacks are out of range

  • Hot keys present on screen during battle

This new and radically improved Early Access is taking the gamefi world by storm. Want more ways to earn? Well get in on the Horizon Event Campaign for extra opportunities! Don’t forget to go watch our livestreams over on Binance, as well as replays and tutorials on YouTube! Come be a part of history today!

Moonscape Website ||Moonscape Twitter ||Moonscape Telegram ||Moonscape FAQ ||Moonscape Discord

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