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Moonscape Meme Competition

Tough life on the Moon won’t be easy without a good laugh! Pull out your meme collection file and mix with Moonscape essence. Moonscape is having the very first meme competition live on the ferocious Moon! Starting from Nov 7th - Nov 21st 2022, you can participate in the meme competition and earn some rewards for a better life on the Moon! Here are the details on how to join our competition and here are the prizes:

What You’ll Get:

The Top 10 Most Likes would get 20,000 MSCP each!

We will reward the top 10 memes that get the most likes during the competition period.

How to Join:

1. Follow our all of our main Twitter accounts: Seascape, Mini Miners, BLOCKLORDS and of course Moonscape

2. Retweet this tweet, like and @3 friends

3. Comment your creative memes related to Moonscape.

Here’s the materials you can use

Paste the link of your tweet in Moonscape TG group

Time Period: Nov 7th - Nov 21st 2022

Join the competition and also enjoy some other moonsettlers’ good memes too!

Moonscape Website || Moonscape Twitter || Moonscape Telegram || Moonscape FAQ

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