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Moonscape Roundtable Recap

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

Last Thursday we had a blast hosting our first Moonscape Roundtable at Twitter Spaces! Did you miss it? Or you couldn’t get enough of it! Don’t you worry, we got you covered. Here are some highlights on the Moonscape Roundtable:

  • Question 1: As our community continues growing. Can you give us a brief overview of what Moonscape is all about?

Erlan, Moonscape Game Designer: Moonscape is a resource management strategy game. Players need to build their custom city on a scifi moon. Each building inside the city offers both boosts to the gameplay mechanics, and DeFi staking pools for the player to get some earnings. Also, and very importantly, the cities and rovers used in the game can be minted as NFT, for trading or selling.

  • Question 2: What are the differences and advantages of Moonscape compared to similar GameFi applications?Are there any special creative points involved in the Moonscape metaverse?

Erlan, Moonscape Game Designer: Moonscape tries to bring the fun and entertainment of traditional games to the DeFi world. On the full release version players will be able to play and enjoy the game without any blockchain requirement, not even a wallet connected. The game may work as a first step for users that are not into crypto or defi, and just one to play a game, but when they see all the options and advantages of using blockchain, they may decide to give it a try.

  • Question 3: What can we expect from Scape Store in the future?

Clinton, Scape Store Product Manager: Sure, so the most interesting tool we created (and we think its an industry first) is an NFT swap tool. So imagine you need an NFT to complete a set but you can't find any on sale, our swap tool allows you to create a swap request basically saying you are willing to trade your NFT for another NFT. If a user thinks this is a good deal they can accept the offer and our smart contracts initiate the trade for them. Previously this would have to be done manually and you have to pray and hope the other user is honest and will send his part of the deal.

  • Question 4: What's the next plan for the Lighthouse project?

Klemen, Lighthouse Product Manager: The Lighthouse team is definitely working on a new project that will include a game studio from America. I can't really say much more. However, I would suggest people get some tiers on Lighthouse. However, the long term vision of Lighthouse is always going to be to help talented game studios implement blockchain technology and raise funds to complete their games. But at the same time, providing our community with an opportunity to fund new projects with as little risk as possible. We really do dive deep into every game that will launch on Lighthouse, so all the projects will have a long-term plan.

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