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Moonscape Tokenomics

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

We are honored and pleased to report that Moonscape has been very well received. The recent darling of the gamefi world, it’s made its way across the globe and into many homes. However, other than the game itself, it is important to also understand the tokenomics behind it. Today we will focus on details of the tokenomics and at the same time, this article will explain the rationale behind the distribution of the MSCP token and how its economy works.

What is MSCP?

MSCP is the official token of Moonscape. Use it in the game to obtain the premium resource MoonDust. This magical material will bring great incentives not only to the purchasing player, but to everyone playing the game!

MSCP is available on both MOVR and BSC. Always be safe when trading, and make sure that your MSCP conforms to these two addresses.

MSCP MOVR address: 0x5c22ba65F65ADfFADFc0947382f2E7C286A0Fe45

MSCP BSC address: 0x27d72484f1910f5d0226afa4e03742c9cd2b297a

MSCP Usage

As Seascape’s very first Player-Created-Coin, there are some usages you can do to optimize your experience with MSCP.

  • Refine Moondust

  • Stake in the Defi pools

  • Use it in Moonscape to speed up the process of upgrading

Trade MSCP

SeaDex is the main hub for trading MSCP tokens on Moonriver. Here, users can trade MOVR, CWS, and RIB.

PancakeSwap is the location for trading MSCP tokens on Binance Smart Chain. You can trade MSCP as well on SeaDex.

If you need to swap between the two chains, no problem, that’s available through Meter Passport.

Get in on the Action

But what about earning rewards? Don’t worry, we got you covered! You have until the end of May to get in on an MSCP-MOVR LP Farm with FIFTY MILLION MSCP in rewards, go to Lighthouse. The Lighthouse allows MSCP to be staked in both liquidity and single-token pools. You can stake your MSCP in the pools and earn your rewards. You can also use your MSCP to get Moondust in Moonscape, it will give you a huge advantage when playing the game!

We’re getting closer and closer to Early Access II, with more features, more players, and more FUN! Stay tuned to social media for details! And on that note, have you checked out our live stream on Binance Live? Make sure to check it out to learn more about how you can play to earn!

Join Moonscape Official Social Media to get regular updates and a lot more exciting news that you won’t want to miss!

Moonscape Website || Moonscape Twitter || Moonscape Telegram || Moonscape FAQ

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