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Moonscape Weekly Updates (Nov 1st - Nov 6th)

Greetings Moon Settlers, we are back with some important updates from our hard working backend developer teams for our exciting futuristic Defi game Moonscape! Before our grand Open Beta, our backend team will keep us updated with what they’ve been working on. We will share them all with all of our lovely moonsettlers for an easier life on the ferocious Moon!

  • Multichain staking feature: Stake Scapes from multiple networks (BnbChain, ETH, Moonriver).

  • Special bonus to Defi earnings after a Scape NFT is staked.

  • Bonus calculation based on the building level and NFT’s power.

  • Extra bonus when a specific Roman Scape NFT is staked in a particular building.

  • Logistics calculations for bonus claiming.

  • Backend and contract work for Rover NFTs, including metadata, import, mint and export.

  • API for upgrading the skills of the Rovers.

  • Getting rewards after defeating aliens.

There are more updates to come soon in the future, so stay tuned to all of our official social media.

Moonscape Website|| Moonscape Twitter|| Moonscape Telegram|| Moonscape FAQ

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