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Moonwalk Chat with Nicky

It is very exciting to have Seascape Co-funder Nicky Li to be on our show. If you would like to see the full version of the stream, Click HERE. Here are some of the highlights you do not want to miss:

  • Could you tell us a little bit about yourself and the journey on building Seascape?

Hi, everyone. I'm Nikki. Hi. Hi there. After I graduated in Australia, I stepped into the gaming industry from 2014. I had 8 years of working experience in the gaming industry. At first, I worked in a large, top tier China gaming studio. We make MMORPG games. At that time, it's the first hype of the free to play game, which apparently affected my opinion on the gaming industry, at least to Seascape.

However, some of our key members in Seascape who worked in those studios at that time began to realize that Free to Play type of game is not sustainable.

And we discovered Bitcoin in 2016, we, as a few of the seascape founders, began to step into the crypto world. And suddenly, we feel that this is something we can explore. Just the five of us, we began to have the original idea about Blocklords. And after that we began to start Seascape as a place where we explore and develop games that include blockchain functions too. So that's how we begin.

  • What do you hope to accomplish with this Moonscape launch?

Moonscape is our first sci-fi strategy game, it is probably the first game we launched in Seascape that has a rich gameplay experience. Unlike other mini Defi games we have in Seascape, Moonscape is a game that also allows web 2 players to enjoy without worrying about having knowledge of Defi. Players can play it like a normal game and at the same time explore the Defi function if they want.

  • What’s your vision for Moonscape and Seascape?

The vision for both is to attract more players to play our games. As we can see in Moonscape, it is already a mature game playthrough that there’s buildings and strategies you can have and it can be exported to be an NFT. For a trad games player, you have the game that you can have fun with without connecting your wallet or any Defi related steps to be taken; and for a crypto native, they know about the tokenomics and NFTs very well already, they can easily jump in and start to play and earn. And that is the vision. Moonscape is an important project for Seascape. It represents what Seascape is trying to tell the people. We convey the vision through this game.

  • How do you design the sustainable tokenomics for the game

When we have a vision, either it’s me, David, or anyone with the idea for the project, we will propose the tokenomics. Because Economy is very detailed, and we need to be very careful to design it. We do have tokenomics designers to focus on designing the whole tokenomics around the project.

The project itself is very important as well and it’s also another thing we need to consider. We need to include the plan for the project, creating the roadmap for it, and also the gameplay in the project. If you look at the tokenomic in other games, I would say that they designed it pretty randomly. Let me take MSCP as an example, if investors or the team hold a lot of tokens, it will be really hard to build trust around your community. So what we did is that we put the MSCP token into the Lighthouse IDO process. As a result, a large amount of tokens goes to our community. By doing so, we make this project a community driven project.

  • How do you see the industry’s evolution? How do you think Seascape can help pave the way for these changes?

We make fun games. If the games are not fun, it's not sustainable. The project will die very quickly if we don't design the gameplay well, and it doesn't matter how good the NFT or the Tokenomics are. Our goal is to build a good base for Defi and web 3 but at the same time we build good games too! We, Seascape, want to show everyone in this Moonscape Game, or the upcoming games to enjoy that good gameplay experience. Have fun in those games and also be able to earn in the game. We can push it to the world wide gamers and let them realize the fun part of web 3 games.

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