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Saddle Up to Staking Saloon v2!

Howdy partners! The Sheriff is back with a new and improved experience for all you gun-slinging partners out there across the land! Staking Saloon is back and ready for action! This time with a brand new saloon, and brand new ways to earn!

Long time fans of Seascape are likely aware that Staking Saloon is a Seascape original DeFi minigame in which users stake NFTs in exchange for token rewards. However, in the new and improved version, there are not one but TWO pools, one specialty and one general. For an in depth look at how it works, check out our docs for a detailed guide.

This first season of the newly renovated Saloon is available on Moonriver Chain. Players can look forward to a 30 day season and 200k CWS in rewards!

Reward Breakdown:

Specialty Pool

  • Theme: Any quality of Trixie

  • 160k CWS in rewards

  • Check in Bonus NFT: Common - Legendary Mercy

General Pool

  • Any quality of any Scape

  • 40k CWS in rewards

In the specialty pool, don’t forget to check out our guide to find out which combinations of quality and generation can help you stack up more bonus earnings!

Even more ways to earn!

But that’s not all! We couldn’t possibly leave players hanging, wondering what’s up with the newly renovated Saloon. We’re hosting an AMA in our Telegram on June 1st, 2022 at 12pm UTC. Leave your questions either in the Telegram group or on this tweet and the best among them will be handpicked to feature in our AMA! The winners can look forward to 5 newly minted Scapes!

The Sheriff is a generous man. Keep him blasting that gun and keep the earnings a-flowin’! Incentivized earning never felt so good!

Your Game. Your Rules.

Enjoy the Seascape.

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