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Seascape Launches the Dao

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

Seascape Network has reached a significant milestone in its journey to decentralization. The platform has just launched the first two proposals for a vote on Seascape DAO. This is a major step in empowering the community to participate in the decision-making process that shapes the future of Seascape. As a blockchain gaming platform, Seascape is well aware of the importance of decentralized governance. The two proposals will pave the way for Seascape community members to actively participate in deciding the direction of the platform. The community has eagerly anticipated this moment, and the proposals have sparked great interest and discussion within the Seascape community.

The first vote on the DAO is offering several exciting proposals, including Profit Circus, NFT Brawl, Staking Saloon, and Scape Forum. These proposals aim to improve the Seascape ecosystem by providing new opportunities for token utility, including the ability to lock LP/single tokens, burn CWS for NFTs, burn NFTs for CWS, and combine old NFTs to create new ones. Meanwhile, the second vote will be for Each proposal has the potential to shape Seascape's future, and the outcome of the first DAO vote will set a precedent for community participation and collaboration on the platform.

Different ecosystem assets will have different weights within the DAO votes. These weights may be subject to change for future votes, so you should always be aware of how your assets will be weighted.

Head over to Seascape DAO to take part in the first vote right now! It will last from 13:30pm UTC 15 Feb 2023 to 13:29 am UTC 22nd Feb, 2023. Become a part of history. Get in on all the excitement today!

Edit February 23rd, 2023: Second DAO vote (which encompasses the results of for the next season of mini games), will begin at 12 UTC 23 Feb, 2023 and last until Sunday, 11:59 26 Feb, 2023.

Your Game, Your Rules

Enjoy the Seascape

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