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Seascape is blasting out of this world with Galxe!

Seascape is proud to announce a brand new partnership with our friends over at Galxe. For those who are unfamiliar, Galxe is a collaborative credential infrastructure that empowers brands to build better communities and products in Web3. Galxe empowers users to find rewards through interactions and explorations of Web3 protocols. It is little wonder why Seascape and Galxe would find themselves working in collaboration, given our mutual affinities.

Together, we are introducing the world to the brand new free-to-play Web3 strategy game Mini Miners, available today on BNB Chain! Hire and manage miners to collect resources that can be used to improve their efficiency and further your earning potential. Build your mining empire, trade resources with friends, and demonstrate your strategizing prowess. Check out our basic walkthrough guide, or our new players guides for more details. To celebrate this launch, Galxe and Seascape will offer ways for you to get your hands on in-game resources, and participate in a huge Airdrop including Crowns and Scapes, Seascape’s original NFTs just for your participation!

Get over to Galxe and participate right now!

Get your Mini Miners Access Code!

Galxe members have a special Mini Miners access code just for them! With it, you can get access to thousands of mushrooms and ore to get you started on your journey, along with 2 common items! This is the equivalent of 7 days of gameplay, given free or charge! To get the code:

  • Attend our joint Discord AMA on 29 November at 10:30 am UTC+6

  • Attend our Twitter Spaces AMA on 1 December at 12:00 pm UTC

Join Our Crowns (CWS) Airdrop Raffle!

But that’s not all! You also have a chance to win Crowns (CWS) token rewards by joining in our community campaign. Complete the following tasks to claim Galxe OATs, which will make you eligible for our MEGA CROWNS DROP! 100 members will take home an equal share of our Crowns treasure chest. The tasks are as follows:

a. Social boosts tasks (fulfill ALL 3) - 1 OAT

b. Community engagement tasks (fulfill ANY of the 3) - 1 OAT

  • Joint Discord AMA on 29 November at 10:30 am UTC+6

  • Joint Twitter Space AMA 1 December at 12:00 pm UTC

  • Join Seascape’s Gold Rush Campaign (for additional rewards!)

c. On-chain tasks - 1 OAT

  • Connect your wallet, use your Galxe code and participate in-game for more than 5 hours (Give us your wallet address so that we can confirm your gameplay.)

Stay tuned for more information about how this collaboration will pan out in the future. Check out Seascape’s and Galxe’s social media for more info about how you can be a part of the unstoppable tide of Gamefi!

Your Game. Your Rules.

Enjoy the Seascape.

Website || Twitter || Telegram || Discord

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