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Seascape NFT Series

Updated: Apr 19

As the world continues to evolve, the field of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency has also experienced significant growth. In recent years, the use of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) has become increasingly popular in various industries, including gaming, art, and collectibles. Seascape Network, a leading game platform on the blockchain, has embraced this trend and launched several NFT series, each with its unique features and applications. These NFTs serve various functions within the Seascape ecosystem, providing players with new utilities, trading opportunities, and participating in community governance. In this article, we will explore the different NFT series on Seascape and their functions in the platform.

Scapes, the Original Seascape NFT Series

Seascape's original NFT series, Scapes, made their debut in the initial mini games and have since become a prominent feature of the Seascape ecosystem. These NFTs feature high-quality art and are imbued with unique personalities and qualities, such as common, special, rare, epic, and legendary. Scapes are also organized into different generations, with earlier generations possessing higher value. The NFT's "power" is determined by a combination of these traits, which in turn determines the NFT's functionality within the mini game or protocol. As Seascape continues to grow and expand its ecosystem, Scapes will continue to be a defining aspect of the platform, providing players and collectors alike with unique and valuable digital assets.

Zombie Series

The Zombie series is one of Seascape's most popular NFT series, released in collaboration with Binance. They were sold in mystery boxes, making them a sought-after item among collectors. The Zombie series made its first appearance in Zombie Farm, which was Seascape's first game developed using complex and interwoven smart contracts. The NFTs in the Zombie series are unique and visually appealing, featuring various undead characters with distinct abilities and stats. The rarity and power of each NFT within the series vary, with some being more common and less powerful, while others are extremely rare and possess powerful abilities that can give players an edge in the game. Overall, the Zombie series remains a fan favorite among Seascape's collection of NFTs, offering both value and entertainment to collectors and players alike.

Riverboat Series

The Riverboat NFT series was released on Moonriver, featuring full 3D boats, each unique in style and design, and available in five builds: Fishing boat, Riverboat, Speedboat, Sailboat, and Yacht. This series was the first unique set of NFTs in the Seascape ecosystem, and they had both current and future utility throughout the network.

Moonscape NFTs

Moonscape NFTs are divided into two categories: Rovers and Cities. Rovers are mobile vehicles that navigate the lunar surface, collecting resources and battling extraterrestrial creatures. Players can develop and enhance their rovers, then export them as NFTs to be traded on the open market. Meanwhile, Cities consist of multiple buildings that can be upgraded over time. Each building has its own pool, and participating in these pools can help level up your buildings. Both rovers and cities provide unique and engaging gameplay experiences for users within the Moonscape ecosystem.

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