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Enter the Lighthouse

Updated: Apr 19

Lighthouse is a launchpad for web3 gaming that allows users to engage with the Seascape ecosystem in various ways. Users must meet certain requirements, such as owning Crowns and Scape NFTs and playing games, to familiarize themselves with various web 3 models of gaming. After meeting these requirements, users become eligible to claim Tiers (0-3), which determine the amount they can allocate toward project funding pools.

The first round of funding pools is open to Tiers 1-3, and users must pass the KYC process to participate. Users join for their highest Tier as well as the one(s) below it, and they may only participate once per project. Users who are not selected for the allocation round can participate in the secondary auction pool, which is open to all interested and qualified parties.

The auction pool is only open to those who attempted to participate in the allocation round and were unsuccessful, and participants are guaranteed some of the project's tokens as long as they fund. The first 100 users to fund will receive a free Lighthouse NFT, and users who participate in the auction pool can maintain their Tier for future projects.

Once the game is released or the project has otherwise concluded, users who participated in either the allocation or auction pool will receive Allocation NFTs for the amount they donated. These can be redeemed for Crowns or used on the open market, among other things. Overall, Lighthouse provides an opportunity for users to engage with the Seascape ecosystem and support innovative web3 gaming projects.

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