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Vote for the Future of Moonscape!

Seascape Network is excited to announce a groundbreaking opportunity for the community to shape the future of Moonscape. In a brand new DAO vote, users will have the power to decide which pools will be utilized in the city buildings they construct. This crucial decision will have a lasting impact on the development and growth of the Moonscape ecosystem.

The first vote focuses on single token staking pools. Users can cast their votes for their preferred options among CWS, MSCP, and RIB. These tokens represent key elements within the Moonscape universe, and your choice will directly influence the development of the city buildings.

Vote 2: LP Pools

The second vote centers around LP (Liquidity Provider) pools. Here, users are encouraged to vote for their preferred options among various LP pairs, including CWS-GLMR, MSCP-GLMR, RIB-GLMR, CWS-USDC, MSCP-USDC, and RIB-USDC. These pools play a vital role in the city building process, ensuring liquidity and stability for all participants.

Voting Weight and Influence

To ensure a fair and democratic process, voting weight will be distributed based on token holdings. For every 1 MSCP, you will have 0.01 voting power. Additionally, every 1 CWS will grant you 1 vote, while 1 RIB will give you 1,000 votes. Furthermore, each Seascape Anniversary token provides 2,000 votes, and CITY token holders enjoy a significant influence with 5,000 votes per token.

How to Participate

Seize this unique opportunity to shape the future of Moonscape by casting your votes. The voting period will commence on June 9th and run until June 12th, with the voting window closing precisely at 12:00 PM UTC.

We encourage all community members to actively participate in this crucial decision-making process. Together, we can build a vibrant and prosperous Moonscape ecosystem that reflects the collective voice of its users.

Exercise your voting power and make a difference for Moonscape! Visit the Seascape platform to cast your votes and contribute to the future of city building on Moonscape.

Note: Please stay tuned for further updates and announcements regarding the outcome of the vote and subsequent steps in the development of Moonscape.

Let your voice be heard - Vote now!

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