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Liquidity Mining is a tried-and-tested mechanism within the DeFi space, as liquidity is important for all tradable assets including cryptocurrencies.


The Profit Circus embeds this mechanic into a modular DeFi gamified experience, wherein users can stake LP tokens of CWS-ETH, CWS-BNB, and CWS-MOVR in exchange for freshly minted Crowns rewards.


How to get more MOVR By LP Mining with Seascape?

Here is how you can get in on the action: Step 1:GET MOVR on KuCoin or Step 2: Add Moonriver to your Wallet Step 3: Buy RIB on SeaDex & Add RIB’ to your Metamask: 0xbD90A6125a84E5C512129D622a75CDDE176aDE5E Step 4: Add MOVR – RIB Liquidity to get LPs Step 5: Deposit your LPs in THE GAME Step 1: Get MOVR!
Get in on this gravy train IMMEDIATELY! The price is pumping like wild fire! You can quickly purchase MOVR on KuCoin or Step 2: Add Moonriver to your Wallet! Add the Moonriver network to your chosen wallet before interacting with SeaDex. We recommend using Metamask. Note: An easy way to add moonriver to your Metamask is by connecting the wallet when entering the game as it will ask you for a confirmation to add it automatically. You can also add it manually by using the information below. This process should be similar in other wallets. You can also add it manually by using the information below. This process should be similar in other wallets. Manually In here, fill out the following information and then click Save: Network Name: Moonriver RPC URL: ChainID: 1285 Symbol (Optional): MOVR Block Explorer (Optional): Step 3: Get RIB’d! Go to SeaDex to GET RIB (exchange about half of your MOVR for them) and add them to your Metamask! Use this contract address to add RIB to Metamask: 0xbD90A6125a84E5C512129D622a75CDDE176aDE5E You need to get RIB tokens to add liquidity to the RIB-MOVR pool and get LP tokens for the first season of Profit Circus on Moonriver!
Step 4 Add Liquidity MOVR –RIB Add liquidity by going to the address here. Select MOVR and RIB, and enter an amount before hitting “Supply” to get LP tokens. Step 5 ENTER THE GAME Take advantage of some of the most highly competitive APR right now by logging into the game, once there deposit your LPs and see you raking in the rewards. To claim your rewards simply click “Claim."

And as an added bonus, if you stake for over 24 consecutive hours with a minimum of 1 LP you will get an extra Free NFT to be used to earn in other coming games! IMPORTANT NOTICE: Token is limited in number and its price is constantly changing. Check prices frequently and watch out for price differences that cause impermanent losses.

How can I stake tokens on Seascape?

There are a few ways to get in on staking on Seascape. 1. Stake LP tokens, earn Crowns - Play Profit Circus on Ethereum Mainnet & Binance Smart Chain. Check out a full walkthrough on how to play on either chain here. 2. Stake LP tokens in vaults - Check out our Vault FAQ to get the rundown on how to use our Vaults on Beefy and Autofarm. 3. Stake Scapes, Seascape’s original NFTs, in the upcoming game Staking Saloon!

How to play Seascape's LP Mining game on ETH and BSC?

Check out this detailed guide for step by step information on how you can get in on the action.