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Hop upon your gallant steed and find the path to Rome in Seascape’s NFT-based game, Scape Forum! The consul is beckoning you to help forge a new method to take Rome to victory!

Combine Scapes to mint newer higher quality Scapes! Stake CWS for bonuses and potential for lower generation Scapes. Burn specific combinations and get your hands on a character from the Roman Scape series! 

How to play Scape Forum?

The fourth of Seascape’s modularized DeFi games has arrived. Scape Forum is a game in which users choose 5 Scapes, Seascape’s original NFTs, to combine into a new, lower generation Scape. This guide will take users step by step through how the game works. ٍ

Where can I get/collect/trade Scapes?

Right now, the #1 way to get your hands on Scapes is to play NFT Brawl on the Seascape Platform for either Ethereum or Binance Smart Chain. Spend Crowns to mint Scapes! Check out the guide here. Get your hands on your first Scape free just by playing Profit Circus on Seascape Network. Additionally, Seascape's NFTs, Scapes are available on several top exchanges.

  1. OpeanSea
  2. Treasureland
  3. BakerySwap
  4. Refinable
  5. Babylon

How does Generation Affect Scapes?

Seascape generations start with zero and move up as the platform advances. More games are created, or have later seasons, and the in-game rewards will vary by season. Later games and seasons will give higher generation levels (gen 1, gen 2, etc). As a general rule of thumb, the lower the generation, the higher the value of the Scape. So the earlier you are in on the action, the more valuable your Scape is. The current generation of Scapes for Season 2 of Profit Circus, NFT Brawl, and Staking Saloon is Generation. These Scapes have half the power of the previous generation. Currently, there are no generation-based combinations for Staking Saloon, so cross generational scapes will still give the same rewards as listed here.