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09/03 - 07/06



Bounty Saloon S5 on BNBChain

Howdy partners! By popular demand according to the will of our players as voiced on the brand new Seascape DAO, the Sheriff is back for a brand new season of Staking Saloon!

Bounty Saloon S5 on BNBChain

Time & Location

09/03 - 07/06


About the event

Click here to play Staking Saloon!

By popular demand, Seascape is bringing you a new season on BNB with pools, length, and rewards determined by our adoring fans! Staking Saloon is a Seascape original minigame. For an indepth look at how it works, check out our docs for a detailed guide. Join us for a brand new 90 day season!


Pool #1

  • Theme: Any quality of Tatters
  • 200k CWS
  • NFTs will be burned

Pool #2

  • Theme: Any quality of Roman Scape
  • 100k CWS 
  • NFTs will NOT be burned

Let's get ready to dive in and have some fun!

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