The Ultimate Game Platform Designed Around the DeFi & NFT Economy

Game Across the Chains

Powered by the Crowns Token

Based on Substrate, BSC and ETH

Game Chains

Any game released on the Seascape Platform will have the option to create their own blockchain with its own set of rules. 


Cross Chain Bridge

Cross-chain interoperability solution with heavy focus on games. Keep all assets connected to major chains such as Ethereum and Algorand. 

NFT & Token DEX

Decentralized cross-chain bonding curve market to allow seemless price discovery of digital assets for users and projects

 NFT Standard

The ultimate cross-chain NFT standard based on Substrate. Designed to optimize usage, trading and gamified DeFi features. 

Game Store

User-facing game store built with DeFi in mind. Any user can serve as a PoS validator. Monthly gamepasses for users, no fees for game devs.   

DeFI Gamified

Implement gamified aspects of DeFi and traditional finance into games as part of core gameplay. In-game staking, CDP's and more! 


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Crowns Token

Crowns is a token designed to reward all key stakeholders of the gaming ecosystem. It will be introduced via BLOCKLORDS, as a way to reward all players who prove themselves worthy. This token will be the way for most players to experience the power of DeFi gaming in a fun, user-friendly way.

Various ways to stake, borrow, and utilize Crowns will be released periodically to players as the ecosystem grows.


Every player who owns Crowns will receive PayWave drop. The Paywave supply is taken entirely from the spent amounts of tokens in the Seascape Network ecosystem and game platform. This Paywave function makes it easy to create a passive way to increase stacks of Crowns holders, further pushing growth of its community. 


Defi Gamified

Gamified aspects of traditional finance can easily be implemented into games as part of core gameplay features. BLOCKLORDS, Seascape’s flagship game, is serving as the proof of concept for all of these features, with examples being Title Airdrops,  Crowns Staking, Item CDPs, as well as a brand-new concept: the Player Created Coin (PCC) that clever players will be able to implement when they want to create their own in-game currency. These are all ways for the players to not only increase their in-game power, but also earn real profits while they have fun with the game. 

NFT Economy

While many realize the potential of Non-Fungible Tokens, they still haven’t reached their full impact on the Ethereum network. The first step in making NFTs a truly vital part of the DeFi economy is to ensure that they can generate earnings for their holders. With the possibility of collateralizing NFTs to take out debt, renting them out for set or variable rates, and trading them on an open exchange, the potential use cases within BLOCKLORDS and future games are endless. 

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