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Seascape to Enter a New Phase of Development

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

Seascape is proud to announce that we are entering a new phase of development, and we couldn't be more excited about it! We've spent the past few years focused on proof of concept, building mini-games, creating smart contracts, and supporting protocols such as the Lighthouse and Scape Store. We're proud to say that we've created 120 smart contracts and grown our community in ways we couldn't have imagined just a few years ago.

But now, it's time for us to take things to the next level. We're entering a middle ground, where we're launching our DAO, acquiring more user proposed actions for our games, and even rebranding our mini-games. This is an exciting time for us, and we can't wait to see where it takes us. We're thrilled to be able to continue building on the work we've already done and take Seascape to the next level.

And with that, we want to introduce our new brand: Gaming3 representing the company's vision to combine the power of gaming, blockchain, and the future. It embodies the idea that Seascape aims to revolutionize the gaming industry by bringing it to the forefront of the Web3.0 world.

By bringing together these three domains, Seascape aims to create an entirely new gaming experience that allows players to find real utility with their assets and their in-game achievements. It also signifies Seascape's aim to make gaming accessible to everyone, regardless of their technical background, by making the blockchain technology easy to use and accessible to all players. Ultimately, the gaming3 brand statement represents Seascape's mission to empower players and developers alike by creating a vibrant and inclusive gaming community that thrives on the principles of Web3.0.

Crowns (CWS) Utility

The Crowns (CWS) token is the backbone of the Seascape ecosystem, functioning as a powerful utility token that powers a variety of activities across the platform. From purchasing in-game resources packs and diamonds in Mini Miners to building pools with Moondust in Moonscape, the CWS token plays a central role in enabling users to engage with and benefit from the Seascape platform. Furthermore, the token is integral to the Seascape DAO, which allows token holders to vote on key platform decisions and shape the future direction of the project. Whether trading NFTs on the Scape Store or acquiring project assets through the Lighthouse, CWS is the utility token that makes it all possible. With the ability to participate in NFT Brawls and engage with the Seascape community on the Scape Forum, the CWS token provides a wealth of opportunities for users to interact with the platform and unlock its full potential.

Prioritizing safety and being vigilant with the addresses of tokens is crucial for users. Simple measures such as double-checking addresses can safeguard your assets. Relevant addresses can be found here: Crowns (CWS) is a vital utility token in the Seascape Network ecosystem, granting access to various features and benefits like Mini Miners, Moonscape, NFT Brawl, and the Scape Store. Acquiring and utilizing CWS not only supports the community's growth but also unlocks numerous exciting features within the Seascape ecosystem. So, take the first step today and join the gaming3 revolution by acquiring CWS and exploring all it has to offer.

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