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Participate and Earn with Seascape and Zealy

We are excited to announce the start of our Zealy community rewards campaign. It is an opportunity to give back to our community and show the power of Web3 gaming. To celebrate, we have over $7,500 USD in prizes to give away to our loyal followers in Season 1!

What is it?

Our Zealy campaign is a series of community challenges that members complete to earn points on a leaderboard for Seascape rewards. The more challenges you complete, the more points you earn, and the higher you rise on the leaderboard ladder. The higher on the leaderboard you go, the better the rewards you earn.

What kind of challenges are there?

Challenges will range in size and scope from everything from joining social channels to downloading and engaging with games within the Seascape catalog,

What are the rewards?

Over the course of the Zealy campaigns, users will be able to earn their share of $CWS tokens, PermaPoints, Blocklords Legacy and Basic in-game assets, and new, exclusive Seascape Discord Roles.

What is the Shell Seeker Role?

‘Shell Seeker’ is an elite role for the most active and lively community members and Zealy participants. Shell Seekers will unlock additional exclusive rewards across the Seascape ecosystem in the future and share in half the total Zealy campaign rewards.

Shell Seekers will also gain access to an exclusive gated discord channel where they can communicate directly with the Seascape team and be eligible for ongoing Shell Seeker only airdrops.

When will the Campaign?

Season 1 will begin on May 31st, 2024

That’s it. Don’t forget to follow our socials closely throughout the campaign for spontaneous rewards and giveaways. Happy campaigning.

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