Flagship project of the Lighthouse: Conquer the Moon, Earn Rewards, and Feel the Power of Defi.

Seascape Games



What is Lighthouse?

Lighthouse is a revolutionary new IDO launchpad with a focus on DeFi gaming and usability for game developers. 

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Advanced Filter system

Available on ETH, BSC & Moonriver

Buy, trade, swap, or send Seascape NFTs

Scape Store

Easy Token Swap

Add Liquidity and get Rewards

First DEX on Moonriver


About Seascape

DeFi Gamified

Play-to-earn the games you love, DeFi and gaming for the masses.

Incentivized NFTs

Turning NFTs from collectors items into true financial assets, allowing players to revolutionize how they play.

Player & Dev Focused

A platform that places the needs of Devs and users at the center of design.