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Sea Lions:
Mighty Ambassadors of the Seascape Network

Who are the Sea Lions?

Seascape Network is changing the way the world plays games. And the Sea Lions are at the front lines helping make this a reality. Sea Lions are an army of volunteers who make sure the world knows what's going on at Seascape, who enjoy all that Seascape has to offer, and to help keep the ships afloat and business running!


Sea Lions go beyond average fans and take initiative to help shape the future of Seascape.


Sea Lions look for new ways to reach out, contribute, and spread the good news!


Sea Lions are passionate volunteers, thrilled to be in the front seat of the Seascape Revolution.

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What do Sea Lions do?

Sea Lions are an army of dedicated ambassadors and contribute in a variety of ways.

Content Creators

Writing content for blog, scripts for videos, and data for infographics, among other copywriting.


Translating Seascape materials into local languages.

Community Engagers

Creating and maintaining Social Networks groups dedicated to Seascape info and events.


Creating graphics, and other visual materials to spread the message.


Helping the staff at Seascape to make things run smoothly.


The Path to Ambassadorship

After becoming an ambassador there will be additional levels to achieve where you will be able to lead your own category or region and enjoy more benefits following the increase in responsibility.

  • Submit an application

  • Get onboarded by the team

  • Become a Junior Ambassador

  • Complete two tasks within the first month

  • Advance to a full Ambassador status

Benefits of Becoming A Sea Lion

Early Access

First call to all events, games, and community engagement.