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Scape Store Swapping Feature Walkthrough

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

Have you ever been one Scape short of a full deck, tantalizingly close to what you need to participate in one of Seascape’s many web 3 games? Ever wanted to trade excess Scapes for the opportunity to get your hands on specific ones you love! Well wait no more. Seascape is offering a brand new opportunity, brand new to the NFT space. As of today on the Scape Store, users can swap directly with other players to get Scapes they need.

Swapping Function Basics

Users will have the ability to create swap requests from their inventory page. A user will be able to select a combination of up to 5 total NFTs and 1 Bounty as part of the swap request. As part of the swap request you can also add a token bounty to further entice potential swapping partners. Currently, you can select the chain native token or any one of our supported tokens on each chain as a bounty. In the initial release, the only NFTs available for swapping will be Scapes, with Riverboats, Zombie NFTs, Moonscape Cities, and Lighthouse NFTs available in later updates. Swap requests are currently limited to one NFT at a time.

Once you are satisfied with the swap parameters, make your swap live for the world to see. Creating a bounty will lock the NFTs and Bounty, and fee into the smart contract, blocking access until the transaction is completed or the swap request is canceled. Once accepted, you will automatically exchange your NFT(s) and bounty for your desired NFT. The Scape store will charge a fee of 1 CWS for every accepted swap offer, which will subsequently be burned.

How to Create a Swap Request

  1. Connect your wallet to the Scape Store, then head to your inventory.

  2. Select the NFT(s) you are willing to part with in exchange for your desired NFT.

  3. Hit “swap”

  4. Once the swap screen is open, user can select additional bounty (optional)

  5. Click on the plus at the bottom of the screen to select the NFT you want to obtain

  6. When the swap is created, the NFT(s), bounty, and fee will be removed from your wallet and held in the smart contract

How to Accept / Cancel a Swap Request

  1. Connect wallet and go to Inventory

  2. Check out the swap tab, all pending swaps will be there

  3. To cancel, merely click on the cancel option beneath the swap and all assets will be returned

  4. To accept, click on accept and follow the instructions on the subsequent menu

Congratulations, you can now peer-to-peer swap your NFTs and get bounties on top for your effort! In addition to this brand new swapping feature, we’ve got one more bonus surprise! Head over to your inventory and click on one of your NFTs. You’ll notice a brand new History tab that shows when it was minted, to whom it was once traded, as well as former prices. This wealth information will help you on your Scape journey.

This adds a whole new layer of complexity to the strategy for playing Seascape games. Don’t just stand there, get over to the Scape Store today and get to swapping!

Your Game. Your Rules.

Enjoy the Seascape.

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