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Score Exclusive Rewards in the Seascape AI Showdown

What are the wildest, coolest, most useful ways AI can be integrated into the Seascape Network Web3 gaming ecosystem?If you think you have the answer, there’s a good chance you may win exclusive access to receive one of one thousand NeurochainAI Limited Collection - Tier 5 NFTs rewards!

The upcoming Limited Collection - Tier 5 NFT airdrop is part of NeurochainAl’s Loyalty Program. To enroll, register and mint your own Tier 0 NFT, and work your way up to Tier 5 – or enter your best ideas in the Seascape AI Showdown to win one of ten Tier 5 NFTs today. (When? Soon…)

Limited Collection - Tier 5 NFT holders get:

  • Future airdrops

  • Retro-drops

  • FREE AI credits to use across NeurochainAI dApps

  • Partner perks

  • Early product access

  • Voting rights in NeurochainAI DAO

  • More to come!

How to Participate:

  • Follow @seascapenetwork and @NeurochainAI on X (Twitter).

  • Idea Submission: Reply to our X  campaign tweet with your idea for AI integration within Seascape Network and games. One idea per post, you can submit as many ideas as you like. Be as creative as you like ;)

  • Hashtag: Include #SeascapeAIShowdown and #NeurochainAI in your post.

  • Deadline: Reply with your ideas to the post by Sunday April 7 at 23:59 UTC.


  • 5 Guaranteed Whitelist Spots: Secure a free mint (excluding gas fees) for a limited edition Tier 5 NFT.

  • 5 First Come, First Serve Whitelist Spots: Win you a spot for a free mint.

Selection Criteria:

  • Humanity: Your submission should ooze human creativity and ingenuity. We're prioritizing ideas that clearly come from personal thought and innovation and NOT ChatGPT.

  • Feasibility: Realistic potential for implementation.

  • Impact: The ability to significantly enhance the Seascape ecosystem and user experience.

  • Clarity: Conciseness and clarity in presentation.

Rules & Conditions:

  • Originality: Must be your own idea.

  • Judging: The Seascape team's decisions are final.

  • Winner Announcement: Via Twitter, with direct contact for rewards.

Dive In, Create, Win!

We're excited to see how you imagine the future of AI in gaming and blockchain, don’t hold back – unleash the hivemind!

Disclaimer: Seascape reserves the right to alter or discontinue the competition under unforeseen circumstances.

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