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What Are PermaPoints?

Navigating the next generation of video game platforms can be stressful!

On top of the traditional payment options for Web2 platforms like Epic Games, Web3 gamers need to get a grip on in-game currencies, know how to navigate native blockchains, account for gas fees, know what to do with NFTs, and how to manage cross-game utility tokens. 

It can be alot!

But the rewards for those curious and interested enough to figure it all out, and be among the first to get involved, can also be extremely exciting! So buckle in as we take you through one of the most integral parts of the Seascape ecosystem: PermaPoints.

What exactly are PermaPoints?

PermaPoints (PP) are an example of what makes Web3 gaming so exciting. Over time, PermaPoints will let you buy in-game assets in titles across the expanding Seascape ecosystem.

PermaPoints mechanics are designed to incentivize players to engage across Seascape ecosystem games, over the long term. There are already a few ways to get PermaPoints, including burning in-game assets or $CWS tokens, and more on the way as the 2024 Roadmap milestones are hit.

Right now, you can earn PermaPoints by participating in Seascape's community, follow us on X and join our Discord, we’re always cooking up new competitions and giveaways for early adopters and OGs to get in on.

For a complete breakdown of Seascape Network’s native token Crowns ($CWS), check out the Seascape Network ecosystem overview

How can you use PermaPoints?

The current focus of PermaPoints is centered on BLOCKLORDS in-game assets. Exclusive in-game assets like Heroes, can be purchased with PermaPoints at the Seascape Loyalty Center.  Players can also purchase in-game assets from the Scape Store to burn in exchange for PermaPoints.

As Seascape continues to grow and add games to the ecosystem, more rewards will open up within those games. This not only allows digital assets to move freely across the network by leveraging PermaPoints as a medium of exchange but also increases the scarcity and desirability of $CWS and Seascape NFTs by burning them, improving their collectibility among the community over time. There’s nothing like this in Web2 gaming.

Beyond the Loyalty Center Burn Waves, PermaPoints encourage active participation within the broader ecosystem, as exclusive rewards for the most engaged users.

How do PermaPoints work?

There are a number of ways to earn PermaPoints through engagement in the Seascape activities, including burning or purchasing in-game assets and (soon) locking your $CWS tokens.

Once you have PermaPoints, head over to the Seascape Loyalty Center, where you can find Exclusive BLOCKLORDS Heroes like the Basic Builders and Legacy Builders. 

Basic Builders

Basic Builders expedite the construction of buildings, ensuring faster expansion and fortification of territories. Their precision in construction reduces resource waste, allowing players to allocate savings to other strategic needs.

Legacy Builders

Legacy Builders rapidly construct and upgrade fortifications while also defending these structures in times of conflict. Their experience brings reduced costs for building upgrades, enabling a more resource-efficient gameplay and strategic depth.

Download BLOCKLORDS for free at the Epic Games store and start playing today.

PermaPoints utility is primed for explosive growth 

As the Seascape ecosystem expands the number of titles and genre of games, the impact and value of PermaPoints will scale simultaneously. The 2024 Seascape Network Roadmap is packed with development goals, some of which have already been deployed. 

The bigger and more active the Seascape community gets, the more opportunities to earn, win and use PermaPoints to not only get a competitive edge while gaming, but to benefit from their growing collectibility and demand.Be sure to follow us on our social channels to stay up to date on the latest events for your chance to earn additional PermaPoints .Twitter

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